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And today I’m a spinner

Today, Bryony is in ultra-cute mode. I mean ultra cute. There is no ignoring a two-year-old in that mode. Especially when that two-year-old has dimples, an adorable smile, and mischievous eyes. You are toast, and you know it. Bryony and I spent a lovely three hours together, first cuddled under the blankets on her bed, playing […]

‘Tis the season

I’m not talking Christmas. No, this is plucking season. Plucking season is the time of year when all four of my dogs are in full coat-blowing mode, where I can sit beside on of them and just pluck tufts of fur out of the coat. I am vacuuming no less than five times per day, […]

“I’m a weaver.”

When can I say that officially?  There must be a time frame. Is it when you have so many years of experience? Maybe once you’ve sold your first piece, or been commissioned to do one by someone for the first time? Maybe when you have more looms than sense, which is definitely the case here? […]


Why is it that people think you have to be just like them in order to be of any value? I don’t get it. I read an article about Chik-Fil-A today that hit a nerve in precisely the right way to make me blow my lid and resulted in a Facebook status that reflected my […]

A “playful” runner

I finally had some success weaving a table runner!!! Taking extra care with the calculations seems to have worked this time. Of course, I haven’t yet washed it, and it’s woven cotton, so there will be some shrinkage once that’s done, and I can only hope it will still be long enough. But overall, I’m […]

Inara has arrived

And she’s huge! My biggest table loom, Zoe, has a weaving width of 22″, Talyn’s is 18″, but this Schacht Flip has a weaving width of 25″! She came with two shuttles and a 10 dent reed, and I also bought the bag for her, which confused me for a minute, because there’s an extension […]

Spinning a Siberian Husky

No, I’m not spinning the dog in circles, I’m spinning his generous gift of fur!! It’s far from what anyone would call perfect yarn, but it is yarn! Now that I’ve got an idea of how to spin, my biggest problem is consistency. In places, the yarn is slubby, in others it’s as thick as chunky […]


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