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Crafty Curiosity

I’m curious how many others are out there who are as involved in various crafts as I am. I do tons of things, although not all of them well. To recap, my interests are loom beading, weaving, spinning on wheels and spindles, knitting, crochet, naalbinding, chain maille, stained glass, and Kumihimo. I guess I should […]

A few more firsts

With school out for the holidays, I’ve been both more and less busy, if that makes any sense at all! Everyone gets to sleep in now, but I’m finally able to spend a little more time in the things I want to do, as opposed to what I have to do. So I’ve been trying to finish […]

Holiday madness

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, everything is twice as busy as it was in the first place! Hubby is working on building the woodshop in the basement and fixing the lights on his truck, as well as having become the default go-to parent since I went back to school. I’m working […]


Ambition isn’t necessarily a bad thing…until you have too much of it, and I’m thinking I’m on that slippery slope! I have projects started everywhere, and I am bouncing from one to the other like mad! I still have the girls’ throw blankets on the knitting looms, a new sock on the sock loom, having […]

Too many interests!!!

I have just reached the conclusion that I have way too many crafting interests. It’s the only logical conclusion. And, as much as it galls me to admit it, hubby may be right in saying my studio is too small. Yes, I said it galls me, because he is always right, and it irks me to no […]

Stained glass

Well, the first project for my stained glass class is finally all cut, pieced, and ready to solder. I can’t say I’m particularly happy with it, and I’m going to try a bit harder on my next one. I know I’m being ridiculous about it. How can it be a perfect stained glass panel when […]

School time!

I know I haven’t done much in the way of posting lately. Life has a way of becoming very busy very quickly! Since the weaving class was cancelled, I enrolled in a stained glass course to replace it, as well as the jewelry making course. I am compelled to admit that I am enjoying the […]


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