At Last!

It seems that the dragon loom and I have finally come to an agreement. I have a system now that helps me keep better track of where I am in the pattern. It seems kind of obvious in hindsight, but it took me awhile to realize the way the pattern worked, because I wasn’t looking […]

Eaten Alive

Bet that title got your attention!! But it’s not what you think. This dragon loom eats little novice weavers like me for lunch. I’ve never used a single-sided inkle before, and the tensioning method is unfamiliar to me too, so every time I’ve had to loosen the tension to move the warp, there have been threads […]

Here Be Dragons

It didn’t occur to me until after I typed the title, but it refers to not only the dragon loom in the picture, but also to me. Our high school mascot was a dragon, so of course every student that has ever graduated from there is called, naturally, a dragon. Kind of amusing, but there […]

Busy Bee

It’s been a busy week. Bryony has a nasty cold and pink eye, Aneira has a stomach issue, and the PIP is complaining of the same. I’m afraid to get near any of them, because whatever they have, I don’t want it! I also had the dubious honor of someone getting hold of my debit […]

Could Be Worse

The DMC satin floss experiment has its ups and downs. The thread itself is an “up”: it’s holding up to weaving as well as its regular counterpart so far, which is what I’d hoped for. The slipperiness of it makes it only a little harder to work with than regular cotton floss. Tying on, I discovered, is […]


The experiment has begun! The warp is mostly on the loom; all that is left is to thread the tablets and tie onto the cloth beam. And I have to say, never have I warped a loom so easily. It took me forever because it’s an 8 yard warp, but the way Gilmore makes this […]

Beautiful Disaster

Two days ago, I received my new-to-me Gilmore Big Wave, which was exciting in its own right, because I’ve been coveting this loom for years, but I also discovered some DMC embroidery floss I’d never seen before. It’s got a sheen completely unlike the rest of the company’s floss, and I fell utterly in love […]


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