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Ambition isn’t necessarily a bad thing…until you have too much of it, and I’m thinking I’m on that slippery slope! I have projects started everywhere, and I am bouncing from one to the other like mad! I still have the girls’ throw blankets on the knitting looms, a new sock on the sock loom, having […]

Here’s your sign

Bill Engvall is a great comedian. He seems like everyone’s best drinking buddy, has enough charm for any lady, but isn’t so gorgeous he seems unapproachable. He also has a fantastic routine based upon things that should be obvious, but somehow aren’t. Like the guy who goes home with bandages on his hand, and the […]

Rough days

This past week has been one of those weeks that are as hectic as they are horrendous. Not all of it has been bad, but the parts that were, were really bad! Over the weekend, Bryony got sick. Nothing to go running to the doctor for, but something made that little tummy very unhappy, and she […]

Spindling to Earth, Wind, and Fire

I’m very glad to finally be able to use my spindles. Now I have an excuse for looking at them and making a wish list of so many of them! If you look up “drop spindles” on Etsy or Google, you will find tons of them, and there are so many beautiful ones out there! […]


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