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I’m a spinner!

Well, it might be a bit premature to call myself a spinner just yet, but I’ve managed to almost fill a bobbin with a single that I’ve spun, and the yarn only came apart once because I had it too loosely secured when I added on. I took Anansi to the guild meeting Thursday night and got help from other spinners. Our guild president had spun on Kromskis before, so she was familiar with the Sonata and helped me with the tensioning, and two other guild mates helped me with drafting out the roving. I spent the next three hours firmly with my butt in the chair and my feet on the treadles. My yarn is far from perfect, but I’m spinning, and it’s so much fun!! And last night my guild mate came over to give me a knitting and spinning lesson. We had dinner, and were up gossiping, knitting, and spinning until after 2 a.m. Hubby was less than thrilled, but resigned. We had a ball. I learned the difference between knits and purls, and put them to use in the basket weave design, which was fun, and I didn’t expect that. Knitting was my mom’s bailiwick, never mine, yet I find myself picking up the needles more often than I expected. But I haven’t touched any of my looms this week, and I’m starting to go through weaving withdrawal. I’m going to have to warp somebody up soon.

It has been a very busy week! That seems to be the trend lately. My best friend back home has finally gotten sick and tired of New York and is coming here next month in preparation for moving here the following month. She’s going to come down and set up doctors and the like, and possibly look at apartments, but hubby said that if everyone gets along all right, he’s willing to entertain the idea of her moving in with us on a permanent basis. I’m so excited. She and I couldn’t be more different, but we’re like sisters, and we’ve missed each other. Her children are my godchildren, and I had a large hand in raising them, up until I moved to Arizona. Her children are grown and gone now, but I’m still “Auntie” to every one of them.

I also had the “time to make a lifestyle change” talk with my doctor this week. Yesterday, in fact. My resting or fasting blood sugar is fine, but otherwise it is elevated, and while I don’t yet have diabetes, I am headed that way. As my mother died of complications of Type II diabetes, I have a fear of it. Mom was on dialysis three times a week. I don’t want that. So my diet has to change. Unfortunately, everything I like is on the “avoid” list. When I muttered about it, the doctor said my best bet was to not cut everything out, but cut it back. Smaller portions, etc., and keep an eye on it.

And there was more. My vitamin D level is apparently a 7, when it should be about 45. She said in her entire career, she’s only seen one other person with a level that low, so I’ll have to take a prescription strength vitamin D once weekly for three months. And, I’m to start getting injections for my left hip, which is arthritic.

I was not a happy camper after this visit. It made me feel old, and I’m only 44. Hubby didn’t make me feel any better when I got back, because he’s still in his early thirties, and, well, let’s face it, he’s male. He doesn’t understand how traumatic it was. I was headed for a downward spiral at that point, but I think the knit and spinfest stopped that. I have to keep telling myself that things could be a lot worse, though. I don’t have diabetes yet, and if I can scale back on everything, not only might I dodge that particular bullet, I might finally manage to lose some weight, which could only be good for me. I keep saying that (it’s becoming a mantra), but I feel the need for some weave therapy now. I don’t want to hit that downward spiral. All that will do is result in a messy house and crying jags. So, to slow down my BPD, I’m going to go warp something, or pick up one of my new weaving books and go hang out in the mancave with hubby. G’night, everyone!


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