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While still unpacking, I’m also getting back to work here, and setting up the new studio, while it hasn’t been a breeze, well, it’s getting done. Sometimes it seems as though the majority of the boxes belonged to the studio! And though it’s roomier than the last, it is quickly reaching the cluttered stage.

There are new things in here that I can’t wait to use! The takadai/ayatakedai I ordered a year or so ago arrived, and I’m dying to try it. Along with that, there is a core stand for doing kumihimo braids that have, well…a core. Plus, I finally sold the Leclerc Nilus loom, and bought my dream loom, the Schacht Mighty Wolf. That was a “squeeeeeee” moment for me: 50th anniversary loom in cherry wood. Setting it up was…interesting. It’s heavy, and getting the Wolf stroller onto the legs was not fun. But she’s all set up, though still unnamed, and ready to go. And I bought her a gift of her own: a warping mill, which can carry a much bigger warp than the board can. So all four of those items have definitely contributed to the “bursting at the seams” scenario I’ve got going on here.

I’ve gotten back to chain maille as well, and I’m building up my ring stash. I’m also trying out metals and sizes that I’ve never used before, and learning new weaves. I’ve also covered the studio in dragons lol. I love them, so there are figurines and ornaments quite literally everywhere in here. Maybe they’ll bring good luck!

All of this is moving toward really getting the Etsy store underway. The girls wanted to sell their Rainbow Loom bracelets in order to earn their own money, so they’re already listed in my store. Now I’m working on building up my own inventory. I want to make this store productive, and I’d like to start hitting craft shows and such too.

I’ve had my first official customer, too!! She wanted a sterling silver bracelet in Byzantine weave, and that went out in the mail last week. When I spoke to her after she got it, she was very happy, which makes me happy. We’ve been friends since we were both little, so it was really important to me that I get the bracelet right for her, and the fact that I did, so my work is appreciated, well, wow…that feeling is awesome! Not many win-win situations nowadays, but this was one of them!!!

Space in here is entirely at a premium at the moment. The three new pieces of equipment are large, so that accounts for a lot of the space. My spinning wheel is still in its travel bag up in the bedroom, and there are a myriad of things still in boxes in the garage that need space in here too, but I’m not sure what box contains which items, and the movers just kind of piled everything in there in such a way that we can’t get to everything, so we have to empty out boxes in the order that we can reach them, which brings the entire house into play. Remember, this house is half the size of the last one, so space comes into play for everything, and we’ve had to get creative, particularly in the kitchen, which is much smaller than the last one!

I don’t have an actual pantry anymore…this house predates pantries becoming a common thing…so everything must go into cabinets. I honestly don’t know how I thought it would work, except to say that the kitchen looked a little bit bigger when there was nothing in it. I knew the countertops were going to be an issue right off the bat: the upper cabinets come down so low that you can’t store things like blenders or mixers on the counter. So first, we bought a metal wire shelving unit for the one bare area of the room, and that rapidly filled up with large items like the Instant Pot, the crockpot, the breadmaker, etcetera. And we were still opening kitchen boxes! So we went online to Mayfair and ordered a mobile island. Now, you have to understand the size of the kitchen, which also doubles as the laundry room (it has one of those folding door closets to contain your machines): to go across the room from the dishwasher to the fridge, you can take two normal steps for an adult, or one large one. Between the two appliances, I could lie on the floor and be touching both of them. There is not much room! But I brought in a small island anyway. I needed the storage and the extra counter space. It works…barely. It’ll work better when I can manage to get everyone to stop using it as a catch-all for stuff they put down and never pick up again, and when there are no laundry baskets in there. Sadly, I think that means it will never work better, because no one ever moves the hampers, either!

Unpacking a house kinda falls into the “Circle of Life” category. Really, don’t laugh!!! Every room is connected in some way during that time. You can’t unpack every box in the living room, because you haven’t found places to put the kitchen stuff you just unloaded onto the sofa. And you haven’t found those places because you’re waiting for the storage pieces you ordered. You can’t put the boxes of pet supplies in the glider room yet, because you haven’t quite got that room under control, because there’s a living room box in there (how did that wind up here???), because there was no more room in the living room, because there are kitchen boxes in there, because you have to actually use the kitchen so you didn’t load it with boxes. And there are bedroom boxes in the living room, studio boxes in the bedroom, clothing boxes in the garage, and so on.

I make moving sound like fun, don’t I?

It’s not. Anyone that has ever moved at least once already knows that, and those that haven’t yet experienced a move, well, you’re lucky and avoid it as long as you can!!! LOL.


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