More Fingerweaving

Another strap started. This one I chose to do in black and red perle cotton, and I’m now working on a clear plastic clipboard. It anchors the work perfectly, with the added bonus that I can see through it to the book beneath. It doesn’t get any better than that! This one will be a […]


HA!!! YES!! Thanks to Gerald Findley’s book, I’ve managed to start a finger woven chevron pattern, which is the same pattern I tried when I made the initial running-before-walking mistake. When I tried it the first time, I couldn’t get it right because I was doing it from a YouTube video and books that were […]

New book!

This is what happens when I take an interest – a serious interest – in any type of craft: I buy books. Books are a weakness of mine. Well, my mom was a librarian, so I doubt anyone is surprised by that. Fiction goes on my Kindle; crafty stuff goes hard copy. One: it’s very hard to […]

And practice

Another finger-woven strap begun tonight, another experimental practice piece. This time I used some old acrylic worsted weight that I had lying around. I had some questions I needed to answer for myself. For one thing, as I’m left-handed, I had to know if I could do this as well with my left hand. I know […]


Last night, as Genius on my Mac segued from Bob Seger to Foreigner and Bon Jovi to Blackmore’s Night (I’m pretty eclectic in my musical tastes), progress was finally made on my finger woven strap. It was awesome. I won’t claim it came together right away, but – and I don’t know any other way […]

Homeward Bound, Yorkshire Pudding, and Radiology

That sounded like a really interesting title, actually, at least to me! Homeward Bound doesn’t mean what you think it does though. It was our field trip yesterday, and it’s a pet crematorium. In point of fact, it’s the only pet crematorium for hundreds of miles, apparently, and also the one that cremated our Smoky, […]

What I Should Be Doing

What I should be doing right now is studying. My final is Friday, and it’s my final final for the veterinary assistant refresher before I go into the veterinary technology program next month. I need to come as close to acing it as I possibly can, but my brain is fried. Kaput. Done for. Instead, here I […]


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