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Learning something new

It seems an appropriate time to learn something new, with the new year rolling in at midnight tonight. Although technically, what I learned was yesterday. But since I’m posting about it today, it still counts! 🙂 I started really reading my book on inkle weaving, and I learned that inkle looms have heddles, something I […]


Well, I put a new scarf warp onto Aeryn…might have mentioned that yesterday…but decided to give Aeryn a break and visit with River for awhile, as I hadn’t played with her for a bit, and she’s had a sample started on her for a couple of weeks. It felt good to play with the rigid […]

Another finished scarf, an idea, and yarn

Finally, at two am, I finished the scarf on Aeryn. Lots of mistakes there. For one thing, one of the two pink sections is longer than the other, when they should have been the same size, and overall, the scarf is much shorter than I had originally planned for it to be. Peg loom scarf […]

A Birthday, parenthood, and my Christmas present

My youngest child, Bryony, is two years old today!! My holiday baby. You never realize how in love you will be with your children until you have them. You know you’ll love them, of course, just not how much. You also don’t realize how much you will fear for them, or how angry they can […]

Happy Holidays!

We got a little under a foot of snow the other day, maybe about six to eight inches. Aneira was in seventh heaven, because finally, there was enough for her to go outside and make what she calls “snow faeries”, or “snow angels”. The terms are interchangeable to her. So we took a video of […]

More tools, Ravelry, and organization (or lack thereof)

Yarn gauge I got my order from Brush Creek Wool Works a couple days ago. It was a small order because money is tight right now, but I managed to get a lovely little oak yarn gauge, a cherrywood pick-up stick, and a package of 50 cards for card weaving. I had to put the […]

My peg looms have arrived!

Oddly enough, they arrived together in the mail yesterday, from two different companies! I haven’t seen the one from Finniwig yet. That one is my Christmas present from my husband, so I wrapped it yesterday without ever laying eyes on it. Yes, I wrapped it. Have I mentioned how bad he is at wrapping presents?! […]


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