A “playful” runner

A pick-up weave fish

I finally had some success weaving a table runner!!! Taking extra care with the calculations seems to have worked this time. Of course, I haven’t yet washed it, and it’s woven cotton, so there will be some shrinkage once that’s done, and I can only hope it will still be long enough. But overall, I’m pretty proud of it.

For this project, I used my Cricket, River, and warped up four colors of some Tahki Cotton Classic yarn I’d bought from Cotton Clouds. I like jewel tones and bright colors. These may clash a bit from your point of view, and even from mine, but this combination of colors, for some reason, reminds me of childhood summers in the…you know what? I think I won’t date myself too much here!

Anyway, I remember my mom always having very brightly colored dishes and linens that only came out during the summertime, and I think that was what was in my mind when I started this. I remember summers as a kid always being fun, with day camp and lots of outdoor grilling and family functions. Mom had these melamine dishes that were pretty much only used for eating out in the backyard when Dad would grill hot dogs and burgers, and

The finished runner

these nets of all different colors that were used to cover plates and serving dishes to keep the bugs out of the food. Wow, hadn’t remembered those until just now. I wonder if they still make those…

So. I warped River with 90 8 yard ends, 12 purple, and 26 each of the other colors. Each of those colors, except for the orange, were divided in half, so all of them bordered the orange equally. The orange was where I did all of the pick-up patterns.

I had never tried anything other than diamonds or triangles in pick-up before, and had never tried pick-up on a rigid heddle or any other loom but an inkle, so the entire project was an exercise in exploration. It was fun, of course. I managed to weave two hearts that I’m not completely happy with, and a fish that I am. I finished the whole thing off today, and did the finish with a Philippine edge instead of knots. The Philippine edge is as flat as the rest of the runner.

I don’t have one of those self-healing mats, so in order to cut the fringe evenly, I put the edges together, combed out the fringe, and put it on a bamboo cutting board and used a ruler and a rotary tool. Voila! Perfect fringes.

Fringe, beautiful fringe!

I did pretty well on my selvedges this time too. I’ve learned that what works for me is holding the selvedge and the weft as I’m throwing the shuttle, and keeping hold of them as I snug the weft up from the other side, then beating. I don’t know if that’s the right way to do it, per se, but it seems to do well for me.

I really want to warp Inara next, but I’ll have to see if I have enough yarn in the proper size to do that!! Let me rephrase that: I have to see if there’s enough yarn in the proper size in colors I actually want to use! I still have tons of the duller colors, but I’d rather mix them with something bright. Maybe I’ll use Ampstrike’s card weaving cards next…


4 comments on “A “playful” runner

  1. Very nice! Love the vibrant colors. I’m a colorphobe when I create.


  2. Me too! I just kind of put colors together according to what feels right, not according to what fashion dictates!


  3. Love your bright colors. Looks like woven happiness!


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