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Trying to make friends, and pouches

Making friends when you move to a new place is hard, harder when you’re an adult, and even harder when you’re an adult with BPD. Does that seem ridiculous? It really isn’t. When you move to a new place, the people around you already have their friendships in place, probably for years before you came […]

Moya’s pouch: the picture gallery

Busy bee

I haven’t posted in a bit because the hard drive on my laptop was in the process of giving up the ghost, so we had to have it replaced, and we’ve been fighting with the new one for a week.  Computer manufacturers, apparently, aren’t required to help you with putting your backup back on your […]

A warp saved is a warp earned

Bryony is becoming more and more of a handful every day. More words (more mouthiness), more gestures, more facial expressions, more everything. She is also disgustingly cute. I am biased, I know, and I wish I was comfortable with the idea of posting my children’s pictures on the blog, but as the blog is public […]

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Today, of all days, it would be remiss of me, as a Black woman in the United States, if I did not post. As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr., and march closer to  Black History month, I find myself thinking about those people who make me proud to be a Black woman in the twenty-first […]

What I’ve learned so far

Today is slightly overcast here in Colorado. To me, it’s a bit chilly, but the dogs are loving it and are sprawled out in various parts of the backyard, lazing Sunday away as they do Monday through Saturday. The back deck is small, more of a landing than a deck, really, but it’s high enough […]

And the fiber obsession continues…

I got Moya all warped up the night before last. All the heddles went on first, of course, and the ones not in use are bound in a rubber band off to the side. I used up some embroidery floss on the warp, because it’s been with me for years, and I haven’t cross-stitched in […]


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