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While we were sleeting

Winter is still at it, or at least is giving some last-ditch effort to sticking around. Yesterday was ridiculously cold and windy, especially considering the fact that we’ve been able to put jackets away for the last week and leave the windows open. They came back out yesterday, the windows were tightly closed, and the heater went back on. It was heavily overcast too, so I had an idea we were in for some winter weather, and we were. Apparently we got sleet last night. When I took Aneira to school this morning, the front steps were covered in tiny little balls that look like rock salt, and the car had been dusted with snow. Mac, Smoky, and Bandit were perfectly happy to go outside, take care of business, and come right back in. Thor, on the other hand, is lying on the deck, steadfastly refusing to come indoors. You can watch the wind blowing through his fur in waves, and the last gust covered him in sleet, but he is not coming in. If there was any danger of his freezing, I would be considerably more insistent, but for right now, if he would rather be outside, so be it.

I’m still at it too. I did some more spinning last night. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say I tried more spinning last night. I pulled the previous attempt off the bobbin and started all over again. It was a little better last night, a tiny bit more consistent, but still far from perfect. I have to pre-draft, because I’m not ready to do point-of-twist with the whole roving yet. I can imagine the entire thing getting caught up because I didn’t draft well enough, and winding up with a two-inch thick piece of really ugly yarn. So pre-drafting will do just fine for the next little while, thank you! I’ll probably do a little bit more today, and then I want to play with one of the looms for a little while. I also made an attempt at using my drop spindle, preceded by an attempt at carding a little bit of Thor’s fur, which is what I used on the spindle. Yeah, I know, I said I wasn’t even going to touch his fur until I perfected spinning on the wheel, but the temptation was too much. And let’s just say the results were less than spectacular. I can’t get the spindle to spin for more than half a second, so maybe it’s just too lightweight. Then again, maybe it’s me. Or maybe a little of both. Either way, I was underwhelmed by the attempt.

have been knitting a bit, because basic knitting is kind of a mindless activity for me, so it’s something I can do if I actually want to watch whatever is on the TV screen. If I don’t want to watch, or only watch certain parts, then one of the looms goes in front of the television, because I can listen and still concentrate on weaving. Most of the time, that’s what I do, because I am really not a TV person, never have been. There are a few shows I like, obviously, but anything I like generally gets cancelled, whereas crap like the Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy stay on the air forever. I apologize to the fans of those shows, but let’s face it: none of them requires any brain activity.

I’m a book person. With a librarian for a mom, this is no surprise. I own two Kindles, but this does not mean I don’t love the smell, the feel, the weight of a book. It just means that I’ll give that up for the ability to carry an entire library in my purse and have it magically weigh no more than half a pound. Plus, I can move that library around, from Kindle to iPhone to iPad to PC to Macbook, so I have some of my weaving and spinning books in it. Not many of them are available in a Kindle format yet, but there are a few, and I have to say it’s nice not to have to hold a book with one hand while trying to follow its instructions with the other. And while the Kindle itself isn’t in color, its applications on the phone, tablet, and computers are!

I’m rambling here. How did I get onto this? Oh, yeah, weaving and knitting in front of the TV. Well, last night crocheting joined the list of TV activities. I had an idea I wanted to try out. You see, I bought a bunch of size 10 crochet thread a couple of months ago thinking I could use it in weaving, then realized it was far too fine for my present reeds and skills, so it’s all been sitting. Then I had what I hope turns out to be a brilliant idea: make the whole spool into a crocheted chain, and use the chain as weft! It should certainly be interesting if it works. So I took the color I liked least and started a chain. I’ve got a long way to go, since it’s a large spool of thread, but I want to make sure that there’s enough yardage for a good-sized sample of chain-weft weaving. Imagine a sample of that done on a rigid heddle combined with some leno weave, or Brook’s Bouquet, or even some Danish Medallions. If it works the way it does in my imagination, it’ll add some awesome texturing. So I’ll keep you up-to-date on how that goes!


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