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Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. We’ve been involved with selling one house and building another, and have finally made it into the new house. Words cannot convey how nightmarish this move has been. Pets kenneled in two different places, the family staying in three different hotels, closing dates pushed back, then pushed forward, then pushed back again, furniture arriving broken when we finally get into the house at last, dogs already tearing up the brand new house…perhaps I should just begin at the beginning, huh?

Well, five dumpsters and five storage units later, our old house sold at the end of July, about two hours after it officially started showing. Amazing, right? But the new house wasn’t going to be ready before the end of August, and we had to be out of the old house by August 12. But as soon as the old neighborhood became aware that this was really happening, things went downhill quickly. We had two break-ins within the space of a month. First, someone broke into our basement, took the computer router and the main DirecTV box. A couple of weeks later, someone broke into my truck and stole Aneira’s phone and my brand new iPod. At that point, we decided to leave early. We were in a hotel by the first, with the animals in boarding facilities. The first hotel, to put it nicely, was a pit. But we paid for four days, then moved to the hotel we had actually scheduled, which was two rooms with a kitchen. Basically, a small one bedroom apartment with housekeeping. It was only for a month, right?

The week before we were expecting to close, our realtor called us. We were being pushed back to October. We went to the builder, essentially to beg them not to do this. Their representative for our development said that there was nothing she could do. She worked for them, and her own house had been in framing for five months. We decided we were doomed, and went back to our realtor to start househunting again. We couldn’t afford to live in hotels for two months and pay for our animals to be boarded in two different facilities for that long.

At some point, he must have told the rep we were looking again, and she found a way to push us back up to mid-September. We could live with that, and started planning accordingly. Then the petsitter called: two of our gliders, Canth and Ruth, had died. Out of nowhere. They found a fast-growing tumor in Ruth’s mouth, which was what had taken him, but no reason could be found for Canth’s death. The kids were devastated.

While dealing with this, we discovered we couldn’t extend our stay at the hotel until closing, and we had to find yet another hotel for the remaining days until closing. Okay, we can do this. It’ll only need to be for four days, and in the meantime, let’s get our two newest gliders here to the current hotel to help the kids with their grief over the other two.

We then moved to the next hotel, which was rather nice as well. This one was a small two bedroom apartment with housekeeping. Very cozy. Four days. No problem. It’s all almost over.

The day before closing comes, and we get a call. The framing inspection was never done, and the inspector was there now, and the drywall had to be torn down so he could inspect. Are you kidding me? How did you miss the framing inspection??? That’s kind of a big one! Apparently the person in charge of such things was no longer working for the company, and the accountant was now trying to take his place, thus the huge mistake. So they said we could close on the 20th instead of the 19th. I agreed and called the movers, the furniture store, and the appliance store, and arranged everything for the 20th. Then, on the 19th, we got a call saying it would have to wait till the 21st, because the drywall had to be replaced and painted. I had to call and rearrange everything again.

The final walkthrough was set for 8 am in one town, with closing, as far as we knew, at 10 in another town. We get to the house for the walkthrough, and the guy isn’t there. He shows up at 8:30. Fifteen minutes later, Google alerts us that closing is at 9 am…and we’re a good 30 minutes away, and haven’t accomplished the walkthrough yet.

So the walkthrough is rushed, but no worries, we are told: make a list and submit it through the warranty. Okay, fine.

The first thing we discover…the first big thing…is that the garage is not done. Two walls have been insulated and drywalled. The other two have been insulated, but the drywall isn’t done. Insulation is just kind of hanging out. I ask when this is going to be finished, and am told it won’t be. What???

Well, they made a mistake, you see. We weren’t supposed to get insulation and drywall in the garage. So we can either buy and hang the drywall ourselves, or we can rip out several thousand dollars worth of insulation. WHAT????

Needless to say, the PIP is livid. The point of spending the money to build a house is the fact that you move in, and you don’t have any work to do on the house. Everything is new. You don’t make a mistake of this magnitude and then throw it on the new owner to deal with. You fix it!!!

Throughout all of this, the builder has refused to reimburse us for the hotel stays caused by their errors. They don’t do reimbursement, they say.

We have submitted a list of things that need to be fixed. Among them, the grout in all four bathrooms and the kitchen is crumbling and falling out. They’ve agreed to fix everything, but no one is really happy with how the builder has handled things. Missed inspections. Mistakes not being corrected. Things falling apart and we’ve been here less than a month. The fence we were promised three days after moving in on the 22nd was only erected three days ago.

Overall, I’m happy with the house, don’t get me wrong. It was just a nightmare getting here.



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