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Never Give Up, Never Surrender

New warp, new way

I’m trying another warp, and making some changes. We’ll see how this goes. First of all, this time I’m putting the warp on Moya, my inkle loom. I’m also using embroidery floss for the warp. Moya and I are used to using embroidery floss, but I’ve always used it for inkle bands. I’ve never used it in tablet weaving, primarily because I’ve always made a mess of the warp. However, now that I’ve seen how John Mullarkey puts a warp on an inkle loom, I have hope of actually managing it this time. So far, I’ve only got two cards on the loom, as you can see, but they’re on there successfully.

Also, the pattern is kind of a visual reconstruction. I saw a band on Pinterest. It was just the band, no pattern, but it was a variation of the first red-and-cream one I was doing. It was several diamonds across, as opposed to my single, and instead of cream, the background threads were rainbow, fading from darker near the selvedges, to lighter near the center. I thought it couldn’t be very difficult to modify and graph out on paper with some colored pencils.

Hooooooo, boy, was I ever wrong. The band that I saw was a good 40 cards wide. Because I’m using my own stash of embroidery floss for this band, I was necessarily limited by how much of each color I had available. Plus, there was math to do, never one of my favorite things. It wasn’t difficult math, just time consuming. Each skein of embroidery floss is two ends, each card carries four ends. Then, how many colors was I going to use? How many ends of each? Do I have enough to do it?

It took me five hours to finally work out the pattern to my satisfaction. Well, “satisfaction” is actually the wrong word. I didn’t wind up with my original plan, so I wouldn’t say I was satisfied. Instead, let’s say I can live with it. Hopefully, it’ll look good. It does on paper, but we’ll see.

I also asked one of the tablet weaving groups on Facebook about tablet storage, and someone mentioned tea boxes. I’d never even heard of

Tea box tablet storage!

such a thing. Wth is a tea box??! So I Googled it, and lo and behold, they’re compartmentalized wooden boxes with hinged lids, some see-through with glass or plastic inserts, some with plain wood. Well, naturally, I thought this was awesome, and immediately went to Amazon. So. Many. Choices. It was hard to decide which one I wanted, but I eventually settled on one with a plastic lid insert. My tablets all fit beautifully. It was one of the less expensive ones–there are tea boxes that run quite a bit of money! Who knew this was a thing?! One of the more expensive ones was a leather covered wooden box called Serenity, with the Chinese symbol for the word embossed on it. Given my love for the defunct Firefly series, it was incredibly hard to leave that one behind, but it was close to $60, and I just couldn’t do it. But I really, really wanted to!


Aneira is doing well. No new cuts, and we allowed her to have one of her best friends overnight this weekend. She’s earned back just about everything from her room, and she’ll be starting outpatient therapy soon. Hopefully we’ll be able to find the root of the problem and fix it! But so far I’m pleased and proud of how well she’s doing. Her friend who stayed over is having some of the same problems, and both girls say it started with a girl that lives on our old street. It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t know that before we moved…

New band

Okay, I took a break from this post to finish warping Moya, which means it took me another 24 hours! But it’s done, successfully, and I’ve started weaving the pattern I made. That, not so successful. The PIP loves the way the pattern looks, even though it’s wrong, and I’m going to continue with it because trying to take out the knots of embroidery floss is a royal PITA, and I am not interested in re-threading all those cards again. Maybe next time I’ll get it right. The learning curve is high!

thought I had the pattern right, would have sworn to it until I started weaving and saw what I

The pattern I recreated

was getting. It’s very possible I’m just too green yet to tackle writing patterns yet! Graphing what I want it to look like is easy: one box = one thread. Colored pencils to match the threads I’m using, easy-peasy. Setting up the threading pattern? Not so much. Lots to learn, here. Lots to learn.



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