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The Fabric of My Addiction

“Fabric” is the key word here. I’m finding that wire crochet is fully as immersive for me as any other type of fabric creation. I’ve been at it since about 9 pm, and it’s almost midnight now. I’ve been having trouble putting it down. The only reason I did is because the wire is a bit hard on the thumb, as you’re using it to push back the top of the stitch your hook is pulling the wire through. After awhile, it’s like pressing guitar strings against the frets, until you develop calluses on your fingers. Someone suggested using a thimble in their blog, and I did attempt that, but with a thimble on my thumb, I lost grip on the work. I adapted to life without a thimble: I started using my thumbnail to push the stitch back. My nail feels nothing.

Aneira discovered tonight that it’s a choker I’m working on, and immediately asked who it was for. She pretty much danced a jig when I said “Who else would it be for?” I probably should have said it was for me, just on principle, but I didn’t.

I added about two inches worth of work to the choker tonight, maybe more, while sitting at the desk listening to my Celtic station on Pandora. And I learned that I can work the stitches without the magnifying lens, just as long as I use the LED lamp, which I’m totally okay with. Anyone sane, good vision or no, is going to say yes to good light, so I feel better about it!


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