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So the Year Begins

The base of my bag, finally underway!

The base of my bag, finally underway!

It’s been a busy few days around here! Starting, of course, with the PIP passing his germs along to me, for which I owe him big time! I managed to avoid catching anything from the kids, only to get it from him. So now he’s over this plague, and it’s my turn to constantly hack up a lung. Yay…no, not really. At least I’m past the point of actually feeling like I’m sick.

While I am still playing around with the bag pattern from the mochila crochet group, I decided to try my hand at my own design once again, using the Easy Bead Pattern rosette template, and decided that I don’t like the program. At least not for anything in the round. I’m thoroughly confused by it, so I can’t get it to work the way I want it to, and as a result, I have scrapped a number of efforts. I just wanted to create a starburst pattern, not even anything very fancy, but I just can’t make it work for me. So now I’m kind of designing as I crochet. I can tell you this much: it ain’t a starburst!! I don’t know what it is, exactly…I’m just kind of winging it and hoping to learn from it, and whatever happens, happens.

Puzzle game loot!!!

Puzzle game loot!!!

Last week, a friend of mine called to ask a favor: could they come over for the day while their oldest kids were at school. Their apartment building was being bombed, so they had to clear out for the day, dog included. Naturally, my answer was yes. It was only going to be her, her husband, her two youngest children–she has five girls–and the dog. All the other kids were going to be at school…or so we thought! It was an extremely windy day, and just before she was due to arrive, I got a phone call from a wireless number I didn’t recognize. I didn’t answer it, due to my hatred of telemarketers, and was looking up the number on Google when it rang again, from the same number. This time I answered it, and it was Aneira. The circuit breaker at school, she said, had exploded. The students had all been evacuated to the church across the street, and could I come pick them up. This meant I needed to call my friend as well, because her middle daughter attends the same school, and I didn’t know if she’d gotten any notification about this. So I flew up to the church to sign them out, stupidly asked where their backpacks were (duh, evacuation!), and headed back home with the girls.

My friend, it turned out, had not only gotten word of the evacuation at the elementary school, but also gotten a call from her seventeen-year old, whose high school had had a tree fall down, so that school was allowing students to leave as well. We had a party shaping up at my house! The PIP had several of his friends down in the mancave, and now we had six kids instead of two! But, amazingly, my two actually somewhat behaved, so this wasn’t a bad thing. But then, we heard Bryony scream. If you’re a parent, you know the scream. It’s not anger or frustration, it’s pain, and you go running.

Turned out, Bryony tried to plug in her robot cat to charge it, and the prongs came out of the charger and stayed in the outlet. And for whatever reason, she forgot everything she’d ever been told about the dangers of electrical outlets, and tried to pull the prongs out. Thankfully, she never got a grip on them, but she connected with two fingers and blam! Electrocuted. Mildly. Yes, she’s fine–this would be a very different post if she wasn’t, but she managed to terrify herself and me. My child, down to the bone. At about the same age, maybe a little younger, I had done something similar. There was a light switch in our basement that my dad hadn’t put a plate over yet, and there was this pretty little bright orange thingie inside of the box that I just had to touch. Lesson learned, and I’m pretty sure Bryony learned hers too. We cut the electricity to the breaker so the PIP could pull the prongs out of the outlet, and life continued on. My friend’s husband went to pick up their second oldest, the only one whose school didn’t have any problems that day! And when she arrived, I discovered something new that I really love: she had a game called IQ Twist by a company called Smart Games USA. It’s a puzzle game, kind of like Tetris, but a physical game, not a video game. And I love puzzles. Especially challenging ones. And this company makes a slew of them. Yep, I ordered five of them from Amazon…for me. They weren’t expensive, and fell well within my allowance limits. Now, of course, my kids want them. With the number of games available, I’ve got birthdays and Yule covered for years.

Glider toys!

Glider toys!

And, last but not least, I got to meet one of the women from the Colorado glider group, the third of us who had gotten gliders imported from out of state. She was in town to have her male neutered, and had brought me some toys that I had been looking for–and failed to find–in the dollar stores here! We spent an hour in front of a restaurant, yakking away. I really like her, very down to earth. And my gliders are going to love these toys! I need to drill some holes in the bottoms in case they go to the bathroom in them, but once that’s done, into the cage they’ll go! I can’t wait to see how they like them!!

Well, I’ve got about two hours before the kids’ school lets out for the day, and I’m going to give my bag some quality time for a little while. See you soon!


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