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Glutton for Punishment

Happy New Year, and may it be better than 2016!!!!

My box, and the start of the beginner bag.

My box, and the start of the beginner bag.

I am a glutton for punishment. Yup. How do I come to this conclusion? Because, like an idiot, I looked up video tutorials for mochila bags on YouTube, and I found one where the woman was using a cardboard box to keep the yarns separated. She had cut a hole in the side of the box for each color to be pulled through, thus keeping them from tangling. Naturally, there was nothing for it but that I had to make one myself, so I pulled out a plastic box I’d bought at the dollar store, and my Dremel, and drilled four holes into it. I was a little nervous about it, because I’d actually bought three of these boxes to use as glider kitchens in each of the cages, to keep the mess down when they eat. When the PIP tried to create entryways on the first box, it shattered. The other two have been sitting idle since then. But the drill bit went through with no problem, then I sanded off the rough spots. It’s not pretty, but it’s serviceable.

Well, once that was done, I had to try it out, right? Of course! And what else was I to do but start another bag? And since the box holds four balls of yarn, it was, naturally, necessary to try my hand at a multicolored base in the round.

That was where I made my first mistake. You see, I wasn’t working from an actual pattern. I really didn’t with the girls’ bags, either. The patterns were simple enough to keep in my head, for one, and for another, since they were only on the bodies of the bags, there were no increases to worry about. This was an entirely different story.

I thought a simple sunburst pattern, which basically means a bunch of triangles radiating out from the center, spread evenly around it, and I thought how difficult can this possibly be? I did the girls’ bags the same way. Yeah, genius, but you weren’t using increases every rutting row.

So I discovered exactly how difficult this could be: very. In the end, I ditched the thing and took the advice of the Facebook group to do the beginner pattern in the group’s files.

I’d really like to figure this out, too, because I want the next bag to come out of my own head, not someone else’s. But I will admit that this is a clear case of me getting cocky with success, and once again, running before I really know how to walk. So now that I’ve tripped over my own feet and faceplanted, now I’m going back to the beginning and starting again. Hey, at least I can admit I was an idiot, right?


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