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A Lack of Understanding

This is a WWE post, so be warned!

I don’t understand the WWE universe and the hatred for Roman Reigns. I simply don’t get it. Outside of the ring, he’s a great guy who takes the time to actually talk to his fans on a pretty regular basis, when he has time. Inside the ring, his matches are awesome. He’s made fans for life in my kids and me, so I’m admittedly biased, but even viewed objectively, I don’t understand the issue.

The explanation most often given is that Roman has been shoved down their throats as the next face of the company, and the WWE Universe doesn’t like it.

Let’s assume that that’s true. Ok, fine, but what gives any of us the idea that we have the entitlement to make choices for the WWE? I don’t see that we do. I don’t see any entertainment franchise giving us that much voice in their decisions, unless we’re stockholders. Think about it. Who decided who the leading actors or actresses were in any show? The powers that be may have paid attention to the Nielsen ratings, but let’s face it, how many of us actually are Nielsen families? That power resides in the hands of very few, and we all abide by what those families watch…..or don’t watch. Do you think that the zillions of Firefly fans wanted to see that series go? No, and fans did everything they could to keep it on the air, but their efforts made no difference to FOX, and the show was axed. How is the WWE universe different? We aren’t behind the scenes to know the reasons behind the decisions made, any more than we are with any other show on TV. And with any other program, we either live with the decisions and keep watching, or we don’t, and we stop. What we don’t do is take it out on the stars of the show. The decisions made by the powers aren’t his fault any more than they are ours, and booing him out of the building every time he shows up isn’t fair. He and all of the rest of the roster bend over backwards to put on a great show every night. There are no repeats on Raw or Smackdown, no hiatus for them, unlike other shows we all watch, and we should be grateful that these guys spend 300 days of each year traveling from city to city, courting injury and missing anniversaries, birthdays, school recitals, etcetera , so that we can enjoy ourselves, and we repay that by booing the good guy. What???

Call me crazy, but that seems pretty selfish and ungrateful to me. How many of us are willing to go out there and do what Roman Reigns does every night? How many of us realistically could?

My feeling is this: like with other shows, if you don’t like what you’re watching , then don’t watch. It’s one thing to boo the guys who are heels and are supposed to be booed, it’s another to unload hate on someone who’s just doing his best to entertain you and who isn’t responsible for the role he plays either. If you have to yell at someone, at least direct it to the right person. Roman Reigns hasn’t done a thing to deserve the way he’s treated by the WWE Universe.


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