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The Yule Race Continues

It’s November now, which doesn’t leave a whole lot of time to get these gifts made for the girls. I’d thought I could do this faster than I have been, but the bags have been the bane of my existence!!! Well, okay, and of course the addition of the seven gliders to the household has been a thing too, but we all adore them, so I can’t say that they’re a bane. But both bags had to undergo restarts after getting a good way into them, because of the number of things that went wrong in the process, or were wrong from the very beginning. And, of course, the children brought home new variations on the plague, which hasn’t contributed to my desire to crochet either.

Bag two has begun, with different yarn than I originally started with. The original yarn, which was Red Heart, was far too rough and scratchy, and I really didn’t like working with it, which may account for some of my procrastination in ripping it back. The new yarn is also Red Heart, but it’s the Super Saver version, which for some reason doesn’t feel as bad. This bag is going better than the first one, but there are still some issues that I haven’t quite figured out, such as the fact that I started out with 175 stitches, but when I counted them up today, I was at 147. That’s a significant loss of stitches, and I have no idea where I lost them. The pattern still fits perfectly, so I’m at a loss there. And I’m not about to start over again for a third time. It’s not coning very badly, so I’m going to leave it alone. The bag is for a six year old, after all. I don’t expect it to last long, even if she does love it because Mama made it. Remember the scarf that I poured months into? The one that is the first knitting project I ever finished, and I had to grit my teeth to make myself finish it? Guess where I found it today: on the living room carpet, covered in dog hair and every dirty thing else Bryony could find to dump on it. I don’t even know why it wasn’t on the hanger in the closet where I’d left it. It hasn’t been cold enough for a scarf yet. So I fully expect this bag to go the same route. Maybe not right away, but it will. It’s the nature of the beast.

The last of the bunnies born here, Blue, has gone to a new home, leaving us with only one bun, Stitch, our Netherland Dwarf. Blue wasn’t bonding with any of us, no matter what we did. I have to admit that Stitch really isn’t either, but Stitch is far easier to handle than Blue. Blue is a big rabbit, with very strong legs, and very disinclined to have anything to do with us, despite being born here, where Stitch is much smaller and less inclined toward things like biting and clawing us, which was Blue’s modus operandi. He went to a family of seven, most of whom are allergic to more traditional pets. Half are allergic to dogs, the other half allergic to cats. They were eager and happy to have Blue join the family, and I couldn’t say no to that. So he left us, with his new family promising to send updates often. Well, we’ll see. Maybe they will, but I’m not holding my breath. I know where two of my speckled ones are, and see pictures of them any time they’re posted, not to mention the fact that they’re here in town and I’m friendly with their owner. The other speckled one’s owner sent pictures once, and never again. The black one is here in town too, but I haven’t gotten an update from that one’s owner either.

I’m actually coming to the conclusion that there’s something about our family that the rabbits just don’t like. I could be wrong, and if we can create a bond with Stitch it’ll go a long way toward changing my thinking there. The gliders don’t seem to have any issues with us that can’t be worked out. I won’t say we’ve completely bonded yet, but they’re far more willing to interact with us than the rabbits have been, with the exception of the Dragons, who have yet to get beyond their fear. Two of them haven’t been handled since February, and the last was never handled at all, which makes things a tad difficult. But we’re working on it. The Kaos Krew doesn’t spend much time in the bonding pouch lately, nor does Maverick, because the Dragons need it so much more. Maverick, especially, has been handled so much that he isn’t missing anything by not riding in the pouch, and he gets plenty of playtime with me and with Aneira. So does the Kaos Krew, although we discovered the other day that we don’t have the bathroom as glider-proofed as we thought. So on the advice of several members of the glider community, we’ve ordered a small pop-up tent for playtime in the bedroom. That ought to work out much better!


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