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What A Week!

Aneira's completed bag!

Aneira’s completed bag!

Really, the week was insanely full! I got to meet three–count ’em–three Facebook friends in real life this week. How awesome is that?! One, I’ve been friends with since she got her first Siberian Husky some eight or so years ago, so that was really exciting. The others came through having Malamutes. Yep, we all “met” through our dogs. And now we’ve actually met!

And Aneira and I went to a talk about exploring the Arctic with a sled team of Malamutes, which was also incredibly interesting, and something I will almost certainly never do. The man giving the talk goes out with his team for months at a time. Alone, except for the 22 dogs on his team. He said sometimes he won’t see another human being for five months. Part of me says “Oooooo, that sounds like heaven”, while another part is screaming “Woman, are you absolutely gorram mad???” Hmmm….must think about this. Me, alone, with a bunch of dogs, in the midst of a wilderness full of predators. Yeah, maybe not so much.

We also attended–without Vanir–our first weight pull competition. The entire family went, and the kids had a ball petting every Malamute whose owner permitted it. Bryony took great joy in pointing out each dog that looked like Vanir…which was almost every single one, of course.

So that’s the good stuff for the week. On the other side of the coin, I started having trouble with my right foot this week too. Like I didn’t have enough problems on the left side, right? Between the knee and the hip. Now I’ve got sharp, shooting pain through my right heel and up the right side of that foot. What the hell is this now? Turns out: probably plantar fasciitis. Wow. Never felt anything quite like this before. It’s beginning to seem like my body is sabotaging the idea of my ever going back to work for any but the most sedentary job, which is not what I spent all this time and money on school for! Whoever said getting older qualifies as the so-called “golden years” lied!! Your golden years are the ones where you are young, still living with parents who are paying the bills, your body isn’t falling apart every other minute, and the only responsibilities you have are keeping your room clean, your grades up, and your chores done. It doesn’t get any more “golden” than that!!!

The beginning of Bryony's bag

The beginning of Bryony’s bag

And I also finally, finally finished Aneira’s bag, shoulder strap and all…only to find out I’d done it wrong anyway, or at least wrong for the style it was supposed to be. It’s acceptable as a bag, just not as a mochila type of bag. Now I’ve started on Bryony’s, with the correct instructions on how to do it, and have finally gotten the problem of the base cupping solved, thanks to a Facebook group on the subject. So Bryony’s will be done properly…I hope. I still think Aneira’s looks pretty darn good, considering. It’s got a ton of pink, which will make her very happy, and it was made by Mama, which she generally appreciates a lot more than I did at her age. She may not take care of it for long–she’s a kid, after all–but when I make something for these kids, they usually wear whatever it is to school and make sure everyone knows that Mama made it. That, of course, results in requests from their friends for me to make the same items for them in another color. The requests have stopped lately, as Mama has made it clear that I am not making eight pairs of gloves out of my own stash, using up my own time, for free. I guess the kids have passed that on. I don’t mean that statement to be obnoxious, really, but come on!!!

So that’s the week I’ve had, both pleasure and pain lol. On to the next week and the next bag!!


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