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Keep On Keepin’ On

Aneira's bag, the 2.0 version

Aneira’s bag, the 2.0 version

Still working on the girls’ Yule gifts. Progress is being made, but I’ve also discovered mistakes that I was hopeful the kids would forgive, if they noticed them at all! Two of the arrows on Aneira’s bag had somehow come too close together, and it happened so far back that I wasn’t willing to rip it out. And, of course, I’m still procrastinating on ripping out the mistakes on Bryony’s bag. The mess will be ugly. So very ugly. But in the end, I had to completely restart Aneira’s bag. The stitch count had somehow gotten so far out of whack that the bag was misshapen, not to mention I had tugged the carried color too tightly in some areas to keep it from showing through, on top of that. So: do-over!! The 2.0 version is going much better. I learned a valuable lesson that may or may not work for others: use lots of stitch markers. I’m using two types. I have the plastic locking ones marking number of stitches per row. The first stitch of the row is marked with a green one, and every twenty stitches after that is an orange one. Then I have some custom markers that I bought a few years ago on Etsy marking off the pattern repeats, which is every eighteen stitches. It’s made things a lot easier to keep track of where everything should be.

I finally bought some head pins to use for micro-macrame, so I can get started on their jewelry pieces, and found the size 20 T-pins at Joann’s. The general consensus had been that you could only get the proper sized T-pins online, but I was fortunate enough to find them locally. Yay!

I’m going to try my hand at some crocheted sugar glider toys too…I have some safe yarn in my stash, so it’s just a matter of figuring out what I want to do, making it, and then before putting it in their cage, I’ll post a picture of it to the glider groups and get some feedback so I can make any changes that need to be made before they get hold of it.

Speaking of the Kaos Krew, I’d seen it mentioned in one of the groups that gliders can vary their schedules if they choose to, and it seems mine have chosen to.

The Kaos Krew likes to hoard plastic bracelets in their sleeping pouch.

The Kaos Krew likes to hoard plastic bracelets in their sleeping pouch.

When they first arrived, they would get up around ten or eleven pm, be up all night, and go to sleep around six. Over the time that they’ve been here, that has gradually changed. They are now waking up around 3 am, and going to sleep around noon, which is great for me, if not so much the kids. School is back in session, which means bedtimes are strictly enforced now, so they only see the gliders early in the morning, and only in the cage. Getting them out when they are wide awake is…what’s the word I’m looking for here?…we’ll say “chaotic”. They outnumber me, and they are well aware of the fact. I get them out of the cage for playtime when all three are still asleep in their pouch, and take them into the bathroom.

They’re very amusing. Zoe will jump onto the cage bars and scurry up them till we are eye to eye, grab my hand with hers and pull it close enough to nip me, while Inara and Mal keep their distance. But in the bathroom, Zoe is the one that keeps her distance, while Mal is all over me, and Inara is exploring the room. And all of them have now taken to bloodless nipping, though I’m not sure they mean for it to be bloodless!

Tomorrow, we’ll be adding a fourth glider to the colony! A lady contacted me because she needs to rehome her glider immediately, as in it’s an emergency for her. I was initially wanting another female, and hers is not; he’s an intact male. However, not only is there no charge for him, she is also giving me the money to have him neutered. So I’ve already scheduled that with the vet, and he’ll be arriving tomorrow afternoon. He’ll be going into the spare cage for now, and we’ll be swapping bedding between the two cages so that everyone can get used to each other’s scents, and after a couple of weeks, we’ll try introducing them to each other in the neutral territory of the bathroom. If that goes well, we can start transitioning him into the cage with the other gliders. The introductions will have to wait until after he’s actually neutered on the 25th, though–I don’t want any surprise babies! Female gliders go into heat every 29 days, for two days, and their gestation period is only 16 days! When a baby is born, it’s about the size of a grain of rice, and has to crawl up mom’s body to the pouch, where it will stay until it’s developed completely. This is not something I’m prepared to deal with just yet, if I ever am. I’m just not a breeder. I have nothing against them, mind you, it’s just not for me, certainly not right now!!

Since the other three are named after Firefly characters, I’m debating about changing the new one’s name. According to Firefly canon, Mal and Inara had an unspoken thing for each other, though neither of them ever acted on it, which is why I named the parents Mal and Inara. On the show, Zoe was married to the pilot, Hoban “Wash” Washburne, so I was thinking of calling him Wash, and in fact that’s the name I gave to the vet. But he already has a cute name: Maverick, which, ironically also belonged to the Tom Cruise character in Top Gun, who was also a pilot. So I’ve gotta make up my mind!!


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