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Settling In

Front, l-r: Inara and Mal Rear: Zoe

Front, l-r: Inara and Mal
Rear: Zoe

The littles appear to be adjusting pretty well to their new home, and the kids and I, at least, are thoroughly in love with them. Not so sure about the PIP, after last night lol.

I crashed early, primarily because the girls, who are currently enjoying a four-day weekend, have spent so much time fighting that the headache I had got exponentially worse due to yelling at children. Lately, they literally cannot get along for more than two minutes at a time. It’s been like this all summer, and has continued into the new school year. When I pick them up in the afternoon, they have not seen each other all day. Before I’m even off the school’s street, which is fairly short, they are already at it. In the truck, I generally make my displeasure known by turning up the radio. I don’t have that option at home. So listening to not only the fighting itself, but the many and varied complaints of one child about the other–because once Mama has yelled, it is now necessary to bring a suit against the other combatant and cite how she was looking at the other one, etc.–and then trying to settle them both down because they are escalating further as they each recite their respective litanies of horrible things the other sister has done to them, and then the tweenage attitude of Aneira because she doesn’t want to hear anything that doesn’t follow what she wants (at the rate she is going, her teenage years are going to be a nightmare, and I will run away from home)…I’m sure you get the idea.

So a couple of times a week, since the accident last May, I get headaches, and last night was one of those nights. The PIP took over the children and I fell asleep with the lights on, because falling asleep wasn’t actually my intention; it just kind of happened. I woke up again around 1 am because the PIP was visiting the finally awake littles. He was grinning over at me, telling me how cute they were being, and he wanted me to let one of them out. They make him nervous because they’re so tiny. Well, okay. I carefully opened the cage door. Zoe and Mal leapt away like they’d been scalded, but Inara leapt for my shoulder. As she landed, she urinated down my arm. For such tiny animals, they can produce a copious amount of pee! The PIP started to laugh at me, but Inara wasn’t done. She ran from one shoulder to the other and launched herself at him, landing on his shoulder and peeing down his back. As I said, copious. I wouldn’t have thought she’d had anything left, but their bladders seem to operate the way a male dog’s does. So at this point the PIP was yelping, “Get it off! Get it off!” Inara jumped back onto my arm and from there into the cage, apparently well-satisfied with her evening’s work, and the PIP ran for the shower. I just started to laugh, which really isn’t fair, since I did forget to warn him about sugar gliders going to the bathroom anywhere. He knows the rabbits do it, but they’re not generally doing it on his person!

I’ve read, over and over, and heard from owners in various glider groups, how noisy gliders are once they’re up for the night, and I don’t know what it is, if it’s because they’re still settling in or what, but I haven’t noticed it much. In all honesty, my rabbits make more noise. Certainly Blue does!!! Stitch is more the quiet type, but Blue does his level best to annoy. I’m convinced he does it on purpose. And Stitch has his moments too, but not as often as Blue does. In comparison, the littles are as quiet as church mice. Only once have I been awakened by a barking glider, and probably could have gone right back to sleep, but a barking glider is an awake glider, which is an opportunity for me to giggle, which meant I stayed up for two hours with them.

On the Yule present front, I am currently ripping back several rows of Bryony’s bag because I realized I had made a couple of mistakes in coloration, and I also can’t get the left side diagonal line to look the same as the right side diagonal. So it’s back to the drawing board there. Fortunately, the two bookmarks I’m tatting for them are going well, as is the other bag, so I’m thankful for small favors there!! I can’t wait for them to go back to school tomorrow, not only because I am heartily sick of the constant bickering, but also because it means that I won’t have unexpected visitors walking in on me working on Yule gifts! That’s been an issue. Fortunately they haven’t seen much!

Well, I guess I’d better get off the computer and commence with the chores of the day, such as laundry. If I don’t do it now, my own clothes will never make it to the washing machine!!!


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