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Alice Down the Rabbit Hole

Same pattern, top in C-lon, bottom in satin cord.

Same pattern, top in C-lon, bottom in satin cord.

I wonder, if the rabbit hole had led to fiber arts, would Alice have been so quick to leave Hatter and Wonderland?

I did another macrame piece from another tutorial. This one called for nylon cord, of which I have plenty, so it was a bit larger than the last one, which turns out to be a good thing. The satin cord being much thicker than the C-lon, it’s easier to get a grip on it and see what I’m doing, and that’s great for practice!

I’ve decided that I’m going to have to invest $8 to buy a macrame board. It’s not an expensive purchase, and neither are the pins. A corkboard could work too, it just depends on which is the least expensive. After all, Yule will soon be here, with all its attendant pomp and pageantry, and I’ve got to cover gifts for two kids, one of whom has yet to discover that the bearded chubster in the red suit with eight flying reindeer doesn’t actually exist in that form. Per se. Meaning that toys for me occupy a spot very low on the totem pole for the next few months. We’re already starting to collect stuff for the kids and hide them in various parts of the house. Slow and steady wins that race.

But I’d also like to make them some things too, like bracelets, and finally complete their stuffed dragons, maybe make a few other small, uncomplicated amigurumi as well. It’s not as if there’s a dearth of ideas on Pinterest. And making things for the girls puts the project board a little higher up on the pole, because seriously, no matter what, making something for them is going to be a lot less expensive–in terms of materials–than buying some cheap prefab crap that won’t last six minutes, never mind six months. Case in point, the dollhouse their father built them a few years ago, using $60 worth of plywood and trim, is not only intact, but thriving. I’m pretty sure it’s three or four years old now. Their previous, prefab dollhouse was dead within a year. The mourning was heartwrenching…for about three seconds.

I’m learning quite a bit from this experimentation with micro macrame:

  1. This is an activity that can be hard on your hands. You actually have to put at least a little bit of torque into tightening the knots down, and after awhile your hands start to ache. It’s not as bad with the larger piece with the satin cord, but with the C-lon, yeah, you’re gonna feel it a bit.
  2. Take breaks. No matter how much you enjoy watching that pattern emerge, take. A. Break. Your hands need it. I can tat, weave, knit, crochet for hours and not feel a thing. I can’t spin forever, and I can’t do this for hours either. Take a break before your hands start to hurt.
  3. A project board is definitely going to work better for me than a clipboard. While tugging on knots, I have tugged the piece out of the clipboard any number of times. The sound of the clip snapping loudly as it hits the board will do lots for keeping you awake, but makes me jump every time.

I have one more thing to experiment with, and that’s tapestry crochet. I love the Wayuu mochila bags, and if I can find a tutorial on how to make them, that’s something else I can do for the girls for Yule. So I’m off to play on YouTube for a little while!


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