Shuttle Storage

Banyek pair

Banyek pair

A pair of Banyek shuttles arrived today! Woot! So there are only two more left at large. Or three.

I’ve decided I need a case or something for the storage of my shuttles and tatting supplies. I’m a huge fan of organization in my fiber arts room, although you wouldn’t know it to look at it right now–it’s a mess in there, enough that I haven’t seriously worked in there in awhile. The room is just too small for all the stuff I’ve got packed in it!

I just don’t have any idea of how to go about it. But I know I’ve got to do something; they currently live all jumbled up in a small zipper bag, and that just doesn’t work for me, especially since the zipper goes around three of the four sides, and every time you open it, shuttles just fall out everywhere. And, too, they need to be organized because they’re so small and easy to lose. It’s not such a big deal for the plastic Clovers. They’re a dime-a-dozen, easily replaced, unless there’s work attached when they disappear. But the others that are more unique or handmade, it would seriously bother me to lose them. Not that they can’t be replaced, because they can, but there’s a world of difference between scrounging up three or four dollars for a Clover, and scaring up $18, $34, or $40 to replace something.

I’ve always been a big believer in taking care of my things for that reason. Things break or get lost, and that’s part of life. It is what it is. But if you take care with your things, that’s less money you wind up having to spend on buying the same thing repeatedly. This is a concept I haven’t been able to hammer into my kids’ heads yet. I’m hopeful they understand it better as they get older, but for now, Mama must be made of money and we can break it, she’ll replace it. Of course, no one thinks about the fact that they are growing like weeds and need new wardrobes every other month, but hey…

Anyway. I’m trying to come up with good storage ideas. There are tackle boxes that could work, I suppose, though I’ve never really seen a pretty tackle box. Or maybe a Dot Box. I’ve bought those for my chain mail supplies, and they work well for that. All of my jump rings are separated into boxes according to material and inner ring size, and then all of those boxes sit inside another larger box.

Whatever I do, it needs to be somewhat sturdy. I’ve seen blogs where people store their shuttles inside of folios with plastic envelopes inside them, but that seems unwise to me, a woman with young children and dogs who spill things, step on things, fall on things, chew on things, etc. It needs to be hale and hearty enough to survive my house.

I’d be happy to hear from anyone out there who’s ever organized their shuttles. What worked for you and why? What didn’t?

Oh!!!! I almost forgot!! I passed my Diagnostic Imaging final with an 89%, and the overall class with an 86%!!! Huzzah!! Next up, externship!!!


2 comments on “Shuttle Storage

  1. i searched all things too i finely settled on two things one is a set of three containers stacked they clip to each other and are that kind of clear plastic bought them at hobby lobby they are called snapware you could google i have shuttles in top and threads and such in bottom ones….the lid has a handle……secondly i needed something to be portable as i keep my tools and current project i looked everywhere finally settling on a plastic again clearish box with handle it was under three dollars at walmart found in sewing department when you open lid two drawers come into view kind of hinged together i keep my current projects in this and carry up and down stairs depending on where i work small enough for me to toss in my tote bag if you want me to take pics of these just drop me an email my house if you go blog is old things antique stuff and i couldn’t find what would fit in but these work for me.


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