Thirty Lashes With A Wet Noodle

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Lighting up my life!

Lighting up my life!

My eighth grade math teacher, Sr. Liliette, used to say this when we got something wrong in her class that should have been obvious, and clearly it made an impression, as I still remember it – and her – all these years later. I won’t say how many years later it is; suffice it to say that it’s a few years!

I’m now saying it to myself, because I did something I shouldn’t have done just at this time. You might remember that I have a thing for fiber arts tools. I love them. I can’t help myself. And, well, I found this great deal on a full set of the Crochet Lite hooks I mentioned in an earlier post, from size C all the way up to K. How could I pass up a good deal? Especially one that was unlikely to be repeated? Yes, I bought the set. And despite the fact that I shouldn’t have, I can’t say I regret that I did. When I looked for full sets, I was finding them at $140 or more, not including shipping or taxes. I found the full set for a bit under half that price.

They’re really cute!!! The LED lights are very bright, the handles fit my palm nicely; they’re very nice. There are some downsides, though. The actual hook being plastic, I can see them breaking off if used too hard. Gentle is the order of the day with these. The yarn doesn’t slip along the hook as nicely as it does with my aluminum hooks, either. It’s actually noticeably squeaky. The last two problems were noted in the reviews: the sizes aren’t true. Starting from size E, the hooks are actually larger by one than the stated size. So an E with these is an F everywhere else. And there was a battery issue as well, as in the batteries weren’t quite making connection. I took a small piece of index card, folded it in half, laid it over the batteries (three batteries per hook), and put the lid back on. Connection made.

Overall,  the cons are pretty minor in my opinion, as long as you’re aware of them. The only other complaint I have is that there is no case for them. When you buy a full set, each hook is packaged individually, and the ergonomic handles means that traditional cases, like the Clover striped case, are out of the question. I haven’t yet been able to find a case for them, so they may not exist anywhere, and I may have to make one. Given my sewing abilities – or lack thereof – that could be a fairly interesting project, and I don’t mean interesting in a good way! So for now, I will continue to look for a case.

In other crochet news, I have all of the small spikes and wings done for both of the Night Furies presently made, and am working on the horns and ears now. There will soon be two complete Night Furies.

As I’d mentioned before, I made most of the pieces before starting assembly this time, and still have not achieved perfection. The first problem I had was that I didn’t stuff the legs and wing arms as I went along, because work still needed to be done on the exteriors of those parts before they were stuffed. The wings had to be crocheted into place along the wing arms, and toes had to be added to the legs. I had hoped that following the pattern to  the letter this time would lessen the obvious mistakes. It did not. Stuffing the wing arms was a nightmare. I had to use the hook and insert it at the closed end of the arm to slide up and hook the polyfill to bring it all the way down. In the process, the wing arms stretched once the fill was in, opening up, once again, space between stitches and making the fill visible. Grrrr. Not really sure what to do about that or even what I’m doing wrong. I’m sure Bryony won’t care one bit, but I do!

I’m also considering dyeing my hair again, and I have two choices: dyeing it back to its natural color, or dyeing it silver, since it’s headed in that direction anyway. I jokingly mentioned that last to a younger friend the other day, and she stopped me in my tracks by informing me that that’s a thing now. Lots of young women out there whose hair is as silver-white as any older woman who’s earned her grey. Who knew???  I’m tempted to do it myself, simply because I won’t have to worry about touching up the roots every other week, because my hair is now more salt than pepper anyway, which annoys me because I think the grey arrived way too early. But if it’s a thing now, well, I might as well take advantage of it. I know they have apps for buying glasses that enable you to see what you’d look like in various frames by uploading your picture; I’m wondering if they have anything similar for dyeing your hair. Anyone know?

Well, I’d better get to cooking dinner and doing homework…and refereeing the latest fight between two girls. Sigh.


2 comments on “Thirty Lashes With A Wet Noodle

  1. Silver is in fact really a thing. I have done it a few times and am on my way to doing it again. If you have to know I’m 26 an rocking the silver anime look. And as for a case… try your new hooks out and crochet one. ^_~

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