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Ignore the messy desk, but Toothless is progressing!

Ignore the messy desk, but Toothless is progressing!

Okay, I know I’m working the Toothless pattern a bit out of order. I know that. But I had to get away from the Magic Ring for awhile – I really had a battle with a 4 stitch Magic Ring for the wing arm, especially in black…you would not believe the number of times I had to redo it, and I was heartily sick of it. Once the wing arm was done, the rest of the wing was a simple back and forth of double and single crochet, such as you would do for blankets, and it was nice to do that for awhile instead of crocheting in the round. So Toothless has sprouted one wing, so far. There are definitely mistakes – the wing arm has lots of spaces where the stitches should be closer together and are not, and I have no idea why. I would like to blame them on the fact that he’s black and I can’t always see the stitches I’m working with, but I won’t know that until I make him in another, lighter color. I kind of feel like that’s a cop out on my part too, but on the other hand, I’m more than happy to blame it on this being my first try, too!

Honestly, though, I really did struggle with the wing arm, and after I stuffed it and realized the holes were there, it was one of those throw-your-hands-up and say  “I don’t care!” moments. I really didn’t. I was so annoyed with both myself and it by then, I just was not inclined to tear it back and try to correct the mistakes, especially knowing I still had another wing arm to face.

I know part of the problem is the size of the round I was crocheting at that point. The same thing happened on the tail. It was a combination of an inability to see the stitches well enough and the four stitch rounds. Apparently, six stitches is my limit on visibility in black. I just wound up ending the tail two rounds early, and it really doesn’t make an overall difference, but I had no choice but to fight with the wing arm. The battle was epic and long. I won, but I have promised myself that there are no more black Night Fury dragons in my future!

On another note, school continues to go poorly. I’m so much better at doing things than I am at the memorization. There’s just so much to remember: the chemical and trade names of the drugs, what they do, what their side effects are, how they interact with other drugs, the mathematical formulas…actually, I’m doing better at the math than I am at the rest of it, which is unusual for me. I haven’t given up, but some days I come closer than others.

Actually doing the work helps me more than reading the books, not that they don’t have their place, but doing the lab work cements it in my brain. Drawing the blood makes far more sense than a description of how and why to do it. If passing the class was entirely based upon the work I was doing, I’d be a 4.0 GPA in no time! Unfortunately, things are never that simple, so I’ll just keep plugging at it. Eventually, something will click!


4 comments on “Wings of Wonder

  1. I also made a Toothless not long ago from another pattern at Ravelry . I really loved making him! I was first thinking of making the same one you are making, but since it was for a coworkers grandchild who wanted a small one, I didn’t dare to take on a bigger project. Will be looking forward to seeing how yours turn out!

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  2. I had the same problem using black yarn when I first did my Toothless – couldn’t see the stitches. I was using acrylic yarn and I thought I’d knit under the table lamp (coz I thought if it was brighter, I should be able to see better, right??) but because it was acrylic, it actually became more “shiny” under direct light so it was even harder to work with it. I then discovered that under natural light I was able to see better, so I would sit outside in my garden sunny afternoons to make my Toothless. For a while, this seemed to be working but when you’re living in Borneo, sunny afternoons are, well, really REALLY hot! In the end I gave up making him in black altogether and went with purple instead 😂

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