The Body Rocks!

The body rocks, despite the mistakes!

The body rocks, despite the mistakes!

As my children continue to drive me crazy, asking when Toothless I will be finished, I can proudly say that I’m making progress, and as you can see in the picture, I have proof! I am nearly done with his head and body, working now on the last few inches of his tail. That is truly no picnic! The tail gradually decreases down to four-stitch rounds; I am presently at eight stitch rounds, and I can just barely fit the tip of my index finger in there to hold the work in place to get the crochet hook into the stitches, on top of barely being able to see them in the first place! But am I still enjoying it? You bet! It may only be a part of the whole, but I’m nearing completion of the largest part of the toy, and for a first try, I don’t think it’s half bad! What do you think?

Now that I’ve seen the photo of it, though, I can see the mistakes I’ve made around the neck area, where the holes are too large and the stuffing is a bit visible. I tried to keep them small, but alas, it was not to be. The next one will be better. Hubby has laid claim to this one, because neither of the girls wants their Toothless to be black. Aneira, of course, wants hers to be pink – no surprises there, although for some reason she was surprised that I wasn’t  – and Bryony has gone back and forth between wanting orange or black. Mine will be made last and naturally, it will be purple. I doubt anyone is surprised at that revelation either.

I could have finished the body yesterday, in all honesty, but hubby got us a copy of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, and it was absolutely necessary to my continued sanity that I watch that instead. Tears, drama, and oh, my, Thranduil and Kili were quite gorgeous. I remember Lee Pace from Pushing Daisies a few years ago, but he did a great Thranduil, and I personally think he should keep long blond hair, but that’s just my opinion. Aidan Turner was great as well, as Kili, and I remember him from the BBC’s Being Human. I didn’t get very far into that series; I’m thinking I might try it again.

But that’s why I didn’t finish yesterday. There was no way I could crochet with that movie on. I couldn’t have kept track of my stitches if it meant my life! Besides, my kids were happily ensconced in front of the television watching Lalaloopsy or something, and were actually leaving me alone, and hubby was out, so I was able to watch an entire movie without anyone chit-chatting through whole sections of it! Do you have any idea what bliss that is? Well, if you’re a parent, I’m pretty sure you do. I was in seventh heaven. And I feel no guilt: this is part of my plan to celebrate my birthday for the entire month. The actual day isn’t until the end of the month, but past a certain age you don’t get the fun presents anymore, and you’d rather stop counting up the years – especially when you don’t feel as old as the mirror says you are – so you’ve got to make your own fun. So this is my month to do whatever I want, without guilt.

Well, my self-imposed break is over: I want to get these last rounds done tonight and go watch Big Hero 6 with my kids! Enjoy your night!

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3 comments on “The Body Rocks!

  1. I have the same problem if I try to crochet and watch a movie at the same time! I end up reworking the same row over and over again haha I’m far more realistic now and either only put on movies I’ve seen before or let my hubs pick one that I ,I gut not have the most interest in anyway.

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