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Easy, Yet Difficult

Head and neck so far.

Head and neck so far.

So far, Toothless is going surprisingly well. No, really, I am surprised. I’ve never followed a pattern in my life. I’ve had to learn what all these abbreviations stand for in the course of making the piece, train myself to keep count and use stitch markers to help me with that…I’ve always crocheted by the seat of my pants. The woman who taught me really only knew basics herself. She taught me double crochet only. That’s not a bad thing; first time out, I made a king-sized bedspread, crocheting two strands together and working it in four sections, which I then crocheted together. It lasted for years. The baby blankets I made for my oldest are now in the care of my youngest, ten years later. Thanks to her, crochet was the first fiber art I actually enjoyed doing.

Now, thanks to the Internet, I’m able to learn things that I never could before. YouTube is a fantastic site for tutorials in pretty much anything! I spent some time today watching the tutorial on making Toothless’ body and wing arm, which were a help in interpreting the written instructions I printed out so I could work on him while waiting for Aneira to get out of school.

The easy part is the actual crochet, meaning the act of insert hook, pull up loop, yarn over, pull through. Easy peasy. The difficulty is in the black yarn, making it hard to see where you need to go next, and in keeping track of where you are. It’s not hard when every round changes by either increasing or decreasing, but when you have to do nine rounds that are exactly the same and you can’t find your row counter, that’s a difficulty. So I’m not sure exactly where I am, really. I’m either dead on target, one row over, or one row under. Given that it’s me we’re talking about, I think that’s actually pretty good. So, yes, it’s easy and difficult at the same time. Still, it’s fun, watching it come together. That was one of the things that I liked about crochet from the beginning. With knitting, as a kid, it was so slow. In comparison to crochet, if I spent the same amount of time doing each, crochet showed a lot more progress than knitting in terms of size. It might not actually have been that way, but it looked that way, and that was my reward for sticking with it. I could knock out a baby blanket in a day if I wanted, something that I couldn’t do with knitting. If I’m honest, I’m still better at crochet than I am at knitting, but now that I know more about knitting, I can at least say I’m still interested in it, even if I’m not the best knitter.

I’ve had two more requests for Toothless stuffies, putting me up to six. I haven’t gotten through one yet, so I’m not committing to more! For all I know, to make the four for my family may take me forever!

I did browse through Pinterest last night for other amigurumi, more out of curiosity than anything, and logged over 150 pins that caught my eye. There were some really cute ones that I’m dying to try, and I’d like to find some nice, complete-in-a-few-hours projects to do for the girls while I’m also working on a flock? herd? of dragons. I found Hello Kitty, Snoopy, Nintendo characters, Looney Tunes characters, Eeyore, Tigger, Pooh Bear, Lalaloopsy, and My Little Pony, all of which will thrill my kids to no end. I really need to lay in a huge supply of stuffing, because once they’ve each got one, they are never going to leave me alone! It’s already begun: Bryony asks me no less than five times a day whether Toothless is done yet. On one hand, answering the same question repeatedly gets very old, but on the other, it’s nice to know that they’re as enthusiastic about toys Mama makes as they are about the commercial versions. So really, not complaining. The day may come when they’re not interested in having me make things for them anymore, although I might get lucky and have them become truly interested in learning how to make things themselves, and then I’ll have company while I play with string!

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