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Making the Grade

A delicious eggplant purple!

A delicious eggplant purple!

Well. Let me tell you, those turban headbands were a hit. Seriously. I made the one for myself – which was actually a bit too large, as I’ve discovered – and the girls each demanded their own. First, I made another white one for Bryony, which also came out a little large for her little head, but she loved it. Then I bought the hot pink and teal blue to make more headbands for them. The hot pink for Aneira took another two days, because I had to intersperse knitting during my breaks from studying (if you suffer from insomnia, pick up textbooks on pharmacology and surgical nursing. You’ll be immediately cured, I promise you). I made hers a touch smaller, and also upped the ribbing from a 2-1 rib to a 2-2, and it worked out beautifully. The teal blue for Bryony was a slightly thinner yarn, calling for size 11 needles as opposed to the size 13s I needed for my and Aneira’s headbands. I upgraded hers to a 2-2 rib and made it smaller also, and haven’t laid eyes on the white one since. Every time that kid walks out the door, I get a hug and a “Thank you for my hair thingie, Mama!” Big hits. I didn’t even get pictures of them before they were snatched by the children! And while I’d love to post pictures of the girls wearing them, I won’t. As I said, way back when I began this blog, this forum is far too public, and I won’t expose my children on it. Far too many predators out there, and they don’t need to see my kids. So I’ll try to snag the headbands back again for pictures. This may take some time.

I’ve finally started on the purple one for myself, once again only able to knit when I’m away from the books, which isn’t often, so I haven’t gotten very far, as you can see from the picture. The purple yarn calls for the size 13 needles, but, well, I didn’t realize that when I started it – because I forgot to look – so I’m doing it on the 11s as a 2-2 rib. The only real difference between the 13s and the 11s is that it’s a tighter knit, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Purple is my favorite color, and this is a deep eggplant shade that I love. I can’t wait to be done with it so I can see how it looks. I’ll take any shade of purple I can get hold of, but the deep, dark amethyst is by far the one I love most, while pastel purple is the one I like least. Pastels in any shade are nauseating for me, at least in terms of any adult using them. I’m not even thrilled to see kids in pastels. You have no idea how sick of pastel pink I was by the time my girls were out of baby clothes. Never have I been so happy to see clothes in other colors.

While the headbands made the grade, on the study front, I did not. Veterinary technology classes are considerably harder than veterinary assistant classes. In the space of a week, my grade has dropped from an A to a C, and I am supremely unhappy with myself for that. I don’t want to just skate into graduation by the skin of my teeth. I want to do this right, otherwise, what’s the point? To that end, I’ve already signed up for tutoring. I’m determined to get it right, one way or another. As I told the hubby last night, I never had a Plan B. This is it. It’s also not as though I’m still in my twenties, with plenty of time to pussyfoot around what I want to do for the rest of my life. I’m closer to fifty than I am to forty now, and that has an effect on the landscape. So I either do it badly or I do it well, but it’s getting done either way. If I really work at it and still don’t do better than a C, well, then, at least I passed. The grading system in this field is a little different than normal, though, and my grades aren’t as low as a normal C. A C here starts at 77% and goes up to an 84%, which would be a B anywhere else. So it’s some consolation. A B is 85 – 92 I think, and an A is 93 and better.

Time to get back to the books now…break’s over. See you soon!

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