Cooking Issues

So here’s a question for anyone that likes to cook: I need something new I can do with ground beef. Hubby is a really picky eater, worse than the children, really. The only meat he truly likes is ground beef. He’ll tolerate others, but not really like them. The rest of us are quite heartily sick of hamburgers (and the umpteen variations of same), meat loaf (and the umpteen variations of same), spaghetti (repeat), and chili (repeat ad infinitum). I’ve made meatball soup, which is a hit but you can only eat it so often. I’ve made Cuban picadillo, which I love but my family hates because it calls for olives, which none of us like. I’ve made curried beef, also a hit but can only be eaten so often. Googling ground beef recipes very rarely nets me anything that isn’t a variation of some basic food. I can’t tell you how many versions of tacos, burgers, meatloaf, etc. I’ve seen, and if there’s one thing I don’t want, it’s a variation on the same old, same old. I need new, exciting, exotic (within reason!!!)!! Please sing out if you’ve got something interesting!


9 comments on “Cooking Issues

  1. make a hot water pastry (like you’d make for a pork pie) and fill it with a filling of mince and onion in gravy, serve hot with spuds and veg

    or sheperds pie (techncally its cottage pie if you make t with beef instead of lamb) mince with onions, gravy, diced carrots, mashed potato on top, cheese on top of that, bake it til its bubbly. there is not a man I know, straight or gay, who wouldn’t voluntarily eat himself to the point of exploding given infinate sheperds pie

    pastitsio, basic mince and tomato mix (bolognese sauce really) mix cooked macaroni with pecorino cheese, butter and oregano, layer of pasta, layer of mince, layer of pasta, top with greek yogurt mixed with an egg and seasoning, more cheese, bake until set.

    or the english working class staple, mince and tatties, basic mince sauce baked in the oven with a dumpling on top (self raising flour, suet, water, herbs and seasoning of your choice), boiled potatoes and lots of veg. also a man exploding food

    mince mix also works pretty well in a steamed suet pudding, but its not something you’d want to eat too often or you’ll explode.

    or, if you can make a properyorkshire pudding (and since you’re not from the north of england I say if, I don’t know a single southerner who can make an acceptable attempt, let alone anyone not english) mince and gravy with yorkshre pud and veg


    • I’ve never made a hot water pastry, so I’m not sure what that or mince is…would you mind elaborating? The only mince I know is only seen here during the holidays, and it’s a tangy fruit mashup that goes in pies.


      • mince is english for what you call ground beef – the fruit mince once had meat in it, in english mince can refer both to the meat and the sauce you make from it, anything from a tomatoey bolognese to a more beefy meat in gravy

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      • oh, hot water pastry, strong bread flour and salt, boild water with lard until the lard melts, mix and knead the dough. once its cool its very maleable so you can make a standing pie that is its own dish. chewier than a shortcrust though

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  2. also a lot of curries work very well with mince


  3. when I say gravy, btw, I mean Beef stock gravy, not a white sauce


  4. I’ve always wanted to try Yorkshire pudding…will have to look up a recipe for it. I wonder if all the ingredients are available on this side of the pond?


    • make the batter an hour before you want to use it and let it stand at room temp

      beat 4oz plain flour with two eggs and salt until there are no lumps, beat in half a pint of milk

      heat the oven to maximum, in a good steel pan melt equal part veg oil and beef dripping or lard – you need quite a bit, it you’re using individual muffin pans for small puds each one needs a tablespoon of fat (and if you use a twelve hole tray you only make ten because its not worht bothering with the middle two holes). shortly before adding batter to the pans put them on top of the stove on the highest heat you can get and leave the fat until it smokes – heat is the important part – add batter quickly, and it will spit, and fill each pan almost to the top, bake ten minutes on maximum oven heat, ten on medium, and ten on low. eat hot. the rising is in the first ten minutes, you then turn it down to let them cook without burning too much

      if you dont get the pan insanely hot the puddings wont work. if you add herbs they wont work. if you want to make toad in the hole brown the sausages separately or they will stick to the oven pan

      the rest of the world thinks you only eat yorkshires with roast beef, which is utter bollocks. in the north of england you can’t call anything roast diner unless its served with yorkshires, they’re also good with casseroles

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