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Practice finger weaving project. Please ignore the clutter!

Practice finger weaving project. Please ignore the clutter!

I mentioned yesterday that I was trying this weaving technique, and I have to admit that it’s caught my interest. It’s a form that’s apparently been found all over the world and goes back thousands of years, which would intrigue me all by itself, and is called sash weaving as well, but it’s challenging to me. It’s simpler than loom weaving in that there’s considerably less time spent in warping, but more difficult in that you have to use your fingers in positions that they’re not normally in, and are therefore a touch uncomfortable until you get used to it. I must have read the directions on how to position my fingers about thirty times last night, and tried to change the shed according to those directions a good forty times before I finally figured it out. Once I did, it was kind of a “duh” moment, so I’m honestly not sure if it was me, or if the instructions were just a hair too vague. There aren’t many instructional videos on YouTube, either; in fact there are very few that actually show true finger weaving. If you look up finger weaving, you’ll get a mix of videos that include finger knitting, which is entirely different, some video tutorials that stopped way too soon for me, and some historical discussion.

do have some books on finger weaving that I bought months – if not years – ago, that have been sitting on my shelves waiting for me to get around to them. I’m not even certain what pushed me into trying it now. The instructions in the books weren’t much more help, past a certain point, than the videos. So I’ll either have to find someone who can show me what to do, or figure it out on my own. Or see if there’s a finger weaving group on Ravelry, which is very likely my best bet!

The technique isn’t hard to learn; it’s mostly learning by repetition. The difficulty is in making certain you keep the warp threads in order, and keeping tension consistent. That being said, naturally, being me, I tried to run before I walked and went straight to a pattern that looked simple enough, and in theory it is. It was a diamond pattern that requires you to first start weaving in two different directions. You start at the center, and on the left side you weave to the left, and on the right you weave to the right for the top half of the diamond. For the bottom half, you start from the outside threads on each side and weave back to the center. I could not get the hang of it, and restarted a number of times before finally throwing the mess across the room. Like I said, running before walking. It was doomed to end that way. So right now I’m limiting myself to the simplest of patterns, like a good girl, until I understand the process better, then I can mess around with it more.

My main problem is that there are so many aspects of fiber arts that interest me that I can’t seem to keep myself to one type until I’m really good at it before moving on to one of the other forms that I want to learn about. So as a result, I’m about average at all of them. 🙂 It could be worse though, I suppose. Just imagine if money was no object! I’d never dig myself out of this studio. Wait, that’s a lie: I’d have an awesome studio built to my specs in the backyard, attached to the house by a breezeway, and would probably have to be dragged indoors by my family, who’d be starving to death because I’d be so caught up I’d forget to cook! Hmm…something to be said for limitations after all!

Well, I’m off to put children to bed and resume work on the strap I’m playing with now. Nighty nite, folks, and sweet dreams!


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