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Still here…

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I last posted! So, to update: life, as usual, has gotten in the way of such things as blogging. In the last few months, we have had to gut the main bathroom (which is still in the process of being renovated), I failed two of my three courses last quarter and am now repeating them, we acquired temporary roommates, and I had a full hysterectomy. It’s been a busy few months!!

I’m actually doing okay with having had a hysterectomy. As I see it, the infant rental property had been abandoned anyway. I’ve already had all the kids I was planning to have, so having the property condemned wasn’t that big a deal to me. Had I been younger, I would probably be a lot less sanguine about it. But I’ve gotten what I wanted. I have two beautiful little girls who are growing up far too quickly for me! Aneira is in third grade now, in a new school, and doing fairly well there. Bryony is working on potty training, and talks nonstop now. She has even, to the dismay of her parents, figured out how and when to use swear words. Needless to say, we are actively trying to reduce swearing throughout the house. If you are a parent, you can appreciate the difficulty: you know the provocation of stepping barefoot on a Lego. There is no pain like Lego pain, and if you are looking to learn some new, imaginative cuss words, that is a surefire way to get an education! So having the hysterectomy wasn’t traumatizing, really.

Double spiral chain in copper

Double spiral chain in copper

During my two-week incarceration (read: recovery period), I picked up my chain maille supplies again. I haven’t done anything with chain maille in quite awhile, and I really didn’t have anything in mind when I picked it up again, other than practicing some of the weaves that I already knew, and trying out some new ones. I’ve got plenty of cheap aluminum jump rings for practice, and a few ounces of silver plated rings as well. The aluminum rings are pretty big for jump rings. If I’m not mistaken, they’re 10 mm rings. Very easy to work with. The silver plated rings, though, are much smaller. As in the interior diameter of those is 4.6 mm. I’ve never worked with jump rings that small before, so it was rather eye-opening. Both Aneira and Bryony caught me practicing and clamored for bracelets. (How did I wind up with such girly girls??? I was the very definition of tomboy at the same ages…) So I wound up making bracelets for them, and discovered that the silver plated rings, which were purchased from China via eBay (because they were cheap), are not strong

Bracelet made for Bryony in Byzantine weave in silver plate

Bracelet made for Bryony in Byzantine weave in silver plate

enough to stand up to either the eight- or three-year-old. Both bracelets broke within hours, got repaired, and broke again the following day. I also made a bracelet of my own, which lasted a few days, but gave up the ghost one evening as I pulled my shirt off to change into pajamas. I will most definitely be purchasing any further rings from a supplier like the Ring Lord!

The nice thing about chain maille is the portability of it. Tuck two small pairs of jewelry pliers into a bag with a bunch of jump rings, and you’re good to go, especially if you’re familiar enough with the weave not to need to carry a tutorial with you. I like to use a pair of flat nose pliers in one hand, and some nylon jawed pliers in the other. I’m looking forward to playing with this craft more than I have been!!


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