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The Terrible, Fantastic, No Good, Very Mixed Up Week

Honeycomb stitch throw in progress

Honeycomb stitch throw in progress

Yes, I meant for the title to be a play on the title of the children’s book that my youngest loves. It has been a very mixed-up week for me. There has been a pall over Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas due to the wildfires around us. Until today, we really didn’t see much of the sun. Unlike last year, with the Waldo Canyon fire, I wasn’t afraid for myself or my family, because the fires weren’t as close. This year, the fears were different, because this year, I actually know people in the affected areas who either were, or came very close to being, evacuated. So it’s a little different, being afraid for others.

This week was also finals week, which adds to the “mixed-up” and “no good” factors. I studied so much that my brain went on strike during some of the tests. As of right this moment, all I can say for certain is that I failed the lecture portion of the AP final by one point, which has had me kicking myself all week long. The lab practical final I think I did okay on, and once the two scores have been combined and weighted, I’m hopeful that I actually passed. I did pass the Introduction to Veterinary Technology final, which is a huge relief, as I had to repeat the course this quarter. Medical Math was another one that had two parts, lecture and lab practical, and math has been the bane of my existence since elementary school, so I have no expectations there, or at least none I’m willing to give voice to. Medical Terminology I’m pretty confident about, but we’ll see. I’ve always been good with words and spelling. Cross your fingers for me. I really don’t want to repeat Anatomy.  The smell of formalin is not my friend. So the finals were both good and bad.

There is also the fact that we have to pull out our bathtub contributing to the “no good” part. There are hairline cracks in the bottom of our present, fiberglass tub. Since water can and will leak through and cause structural damage to the house, the tub has to go. Hubby has bought a cast iron tub to replace it. It took three men to lift the monstrosity into my poor Serenity, and two to get it out again at my house. It now resides on my living room floor, where it will remain until hubby assesses how much floor reinforcement he’s going to have to do to install it in the bathroom.

To the fantastic portion of our program, I must add that a friend of mine is moving from Jacksonville, FL, to Washington State, and will be spending the night here together with her hubby, brother-in-law, and grandson. We’ve been friends for several years now, but have never met in real life, despite many hours spent both online and on the phone, gabbing away about any and everything, so this is our opportunity to give each other real hugs rather than virtual ones, which are nowhere near as satisfying. And along with her human family, her four Siberian Huskies will also be spending the night. Can you say “seventh heaven”?? My kids are ecstatic! Seven dogs in the house at once? There is no way they are sleeping tonight.

Also adding to the fantastic side, we have taken the plunge and put a deposit down on a Malamute puppy. If the breeding took, we will have a new pack member around September. I said that we don’t have a preference as to gender, but I do want a long-haired dog. They always make me want to cuddle. Needless to say, we will be buying a new crate for crate training. Again, kids are ecstatic. No surprise there.

That sums up the Terrible, Fantastic, No Good, Very Mixed Up Week. During breaks from all of the insanity, I’ve been working on Bryony’s throw blanket on the largest of the Spanish long looms. It’s a honeycomb stitch that looks fantastic and is fairly simple to do. Bryony is already nagging me to finish it already. She’s going to have a bit of a wait, but it does look wonderful so far. It’ll be great when it’s finished, and hopefully she won’t balk at replacing the worn, falling apart security blankets she is presently dragging around!


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