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Danger, Will Robinson!

My odd-looking cable pattern

My odd-looking cable pattern

Fiber arts are very dangerous crafts to get into, I’m discovering. Dangerous to your wallet and your willpower. There is always, always a new tool, new yarn, new colorway, new pattern, new something for you to discover and covet. There are so many little Etsy storefronts selling drop or supported spindles, and each one is prettier than the last. Or the new loom that X manufacturer has released. Or new needles for naalbinding or knitting. Or new spinning wheels. Or new yarn…there is always new yarn!!! That one is the easiest trap to fall into, because yarn just isn’t that expensive in comparison to all the tools you have bought. When the spinning wheel costs $600, what’s $45 for a skein of that pretty handspun yarn with all the yardage? Just think what you could do with it! And though you have ten…twelve…twenty plastic tubs filled with yarn, you don’t have this one. And then there’s all the roving available, hand-dyed by someone who really knows what they’re doing. How gorgeous will that be when it’s spun up and plied? I bought a roving from Russia…Russia!…because the lady dyes them so beautifully, and I hadn’t seen one like it domestically. It took weeks to get here. It wasn’t overly expensive, and was well worth the wait. I haven’t spun it yet; I just haven’t had time, what with finals coming up, but I managed to restrain myself to the one roving. I have also managed not to go browsing on Etsy for the last couple of months since I bought that roving. But then there’s Ravelry. Quiet, insidious Ravelry, where you converse with people who make and sell the goodies you’re interested in, and they post pictures. This one is de-stashing a to-die-for spindle. Someone else is selling the loom she doesn’t use. Another has posted patterns for sale. Others are just purely evil, encouraging you and enabling you, because they have the same addiction you have. It is a minefield, I tell you! How does your willpower hold out against someone telling you what you have already said to yourself a dozen times?

I’ve gotten quite good, if I do say so myself, at not jumping to buy the tools. I haven’t bought a spindle in at least a month. Spindles run around the same price as yarn, anywhere from $20 and up. I am very proud of my restraint. Oh, wait…there was that set of interchangeable circular knitting needles…gorramit! And my pride in my restraint has just dissolved. Those knitting needles were only about three weeks ago. Back to the drawing board…

In other news, Bandit, our hit-by-car dog, has been completely discharged. She is out of her bandages, splints, and staples, off of antibiotics, and is doing so very well that the veterinarian has decided that the remaining surgeries will not be done. The ankle is stable and she’s walking on it normally. Everyone is amazed at how well she has healed. She is not a young dog, and it was expected that she would be in a splint for at least six weeks. She was out of that in two weeks. The staples came out yesterday. I don’t heal that quickly, and in comparison to her age, I’m a lot younger!! She’s geriatric!

We still have to keep her relatively quiet: no running and jumping. That has become a full-time job in itself. She wants to run and jump, and we have to be faster to keep her from doing either. So far, so good. She’s going to miss going to school every week and all the attention she got while there, but she’ll live. And she’ll see her tenth birthday. With any luck at all, she has learned something from this, but I’m not going to count on that. From here on, she is strictly an indoor dog. We often say she is dumber than a box of rocks, but she is a very savvy escape artist.

Aneira has found that she really enjoys her knitting loom. Hallelujah! We have had a meeting of the minds. I’m not sure what she’s making right now, but she claims she’s making me a hat. I haven’t seen it yet, though she’s told me she’s had to start over several times.

I’m working on an afghan on one of my long knitting looms right now. It’s supposed to have a cable pattern, and it isn’t going quite the way I expected at the moment, though I have followed the directions faithfully. I’m told it may be my choice of using acrylic yarn, as it doesn’t have the same memory as wool, or it may be that I need to wait until it’s done, washed, and blocked, and maybe it will settle into the pattern it’s supposed to be. My present plan is to make a swatch of the same pattern on another loom and see how that one goes before I take this any farther. Honestly, I should have done that in the first place. Live and learn, I guess.


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