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A Slow Easter Sunday

"Fweedom Rings" spindle from Tilt-A-Whorl, with merino-tussah cop.

“Fweedom Rings” spindle from Tilt-A-Whorl, with merino-tussah cop.

Outside of the initial excitement of the Easter Beagle and Bunny visiting and leaving loads of sugar for the kids to get high on, this has actually been a very boring day. I know that sounds like a complaint, but really, it isn’t. For most of my adult life, the word “excitement” has translated into drama, money problems, the car breaking down just when you need it most, unexpected bills…the list goes on. Rarely did it have anything to do with something good, so I always said that I couldn’t wait for life to be boring, because it would mean everything was basically on an even keel. So even if I’m bored out of my mind, I don’t make the mistake of wishing for something exciting!

Today, I was actually bored. There were no chores that needed my immediate attention, the children (mostly) behaved, hubby was busy with things he needed to do and was out for a good part of the day, and I really didn’t have anything to do. So, I spent most of the day spinning.

I had two ounces of a merino-tussah silk blend roving sitting here, and I decided to put it on a drop spindle a few days ago, and that’s what I spent today working on. I’ve got a respectable amount of cop on the spindle now, and I’m very happy with the way this blend spins, not to mention the spindle itself. The roving drafts out so smoothly due, I’m guessing, in part to the silk in it. It’s a beautiful single, nice and shiny and soft. Once I’ve spun it all, then I have to figure out how to ply it. There’s a method I can use called Andean plying, which involves wrapping the yarn around my hand in such a way that allows me to work with both ends of the yarn at the same time in order to ply them together. I may let it rest on the spindle for awhile instead, though, as there is a shop on Etsy, Straddle Creek Spins, that carries a handmade Andean plying tool, which would free up my hands a bit if I bought it. It’s not an expensive item either, but the shop also carries Mayan spinners, and I need three of those too! Yes, I know, I am tumbling down the rabbit hole even further. The Mayan spinner is a different type of spindle, and the reason I need three is that I want one, but the girls have both shown an interest in spinning, and from the videos I’ve seen on Mayan spinning, they would definitely get the hang of it much faster than they would the drop or supported spindles, especially the three-year-old! I’m going to hold out until I can afford to buy everything at once, which will cut down on shipping. Roving is fairly inexpensive at my local yarn shop, going for about $2.50/ounce, so for about $5, I can get them each an ounce of roving to spin or entangle as they will, without getting into my own! If they like it, it’ll be something they can do to spend time in my studio, which is apparently something they really want to do, since my studio is generally off limits. Forbidden fruit, and all that. Besides, I’d like to share some interests with them that don’t include electronic devices!

The spindle is from Tilt-A-Whorl, another Etsy shop (has anyone noticed my pattern here? There are a lot of Etsy shops that get me in trouble!). The spindles are made of plastic from DVD cases and CD clamshells, and glass beads. This is the only Tilt-A-Whorl spindle I own, but I fell in love with it. I loved the rainbow of colors against the black background. It spins like a dream, a good, fast spin. No, I haven’t stopped practicing with my supported spindles, but I decided I really want to see how this merino-silk yarn turns out once it’s spun and on the niddy-noddy. I have a good feeling about it!

My youngest expressed her interest in spinning by “helping” me to spin on the Russian spindle a few days ago, and my oldest got to do a little spinning on my oldest spindle, which I call the beginner’s spindle. She seemed to like it, so I’m hoping to get together enough money for the Mayan spinners very soon!


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