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Kool-Aid Siberian

Mixed Berry Kool Aid dye bath

I’m impatient. I know this. I have to do everything now, now, now! I try to be patient, honestly I do, but if I don’t have anything else immediately in mind to do, well, it doesn’t work out so well.

Case in point: last night, I finally finished spinning a bobbin-worth of Thor fur. What I should have done is let the yarn rest for a few days on the bobbin, then ply and dye it. What I actually did was Dine ply it, leave it on the bobbin overnight, then skeined it this afternoon, and it is now in the process of being dyed. See what I mean? Impatient.

This is not perfect yarn, although it’s closer than anything I’ve done before. I think that’s my justification for my impatience. There are several breaks in the yarn that occurred during plying, and I just tied the yarn back together and kept going. At that point, it became an experiment rather than something I would actually use, which, I guess, explains my impatience. If it had been near-perfect in my eyes, I might have had an easier time doing everything in its proper time frame.

I’ve been wanting to try Kool Aid dyeing since I heard of the process a few weeks ago. There is always Kool Aid in my house, and no, it is not the children who drink it most of the time. A horrible admission to make, I agree, but my kids mostly drink milk, water, or real juice. Junk is reserved for the adults. However, I am attempting a lifestyle change, so I haven’t bought any Kool Aid recently, and I’ve been drinking more water and making real iced-tea with actual teabags. It’s a work-in-progress. Admitting that I am no longer seventeen and can’t eat what I want when I want it anymore is difficult.

Actually, let me be honest here: I hate it. Naturally, every single thing I like to eat is on the “avoid” list, even quite a few things that I thought were healthy!

But I digress. At one of the guild meetings this month, the program was about natural dyeing, which begged the question: will dog hair accept dye? No one had an answer. No one had tried. The general assumption was that the answer was “probably”, as it is an animal fiber, but no one knew for sure.

Adding dyeing to my repertoire was never my intention. I love the process of spinning, and I really hadn’t thought much beyond that, other than certain knowledge that I did not want to use chemical dyes in my cooking utensils or, really, anywhere in my kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of my house, and there are always kids and/or animals in it. Chemicals are not an option. Enter Kool Aid dyeing. Not over-involved, which is wonderful, and safe, since we drink it anyway, and a staple in my house. There were a few packets left of new flavors we had tried and hated, so those became my dye. I’m also considering trying other things as dye, such as curry, turmeric, saffron…well, maybe not the saffron, as it costs a fortune, but you get the point.

The thing about Sibe fur is that while on the dog, the fur is either distinctly white or distinctly black. Once off the dog, however, not so much. Once carded, what you have is storm-grey, which is beautiful in its own right, but you only want to see so much of that color. So

Would you believe this was grey two hours ago?

it was time to try dyeing.

Aneira is ecstatic, as I recruited her to help me with this. Not that I needed help for such a small amount of yarn, but it was a way to spend some time together, and something she could do. With chemical dyes, I wouldn’t have had her anywhere near the project!

So far, the dye is taking well, but the yarn smells like wet dog again. so there is definitely another wash in the offing! Not good!! Hubby is not thrilled with that, and I have to admit, neither am I, and I hope it goes away, or spinning from Thor’s fur is useless!


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