Talyn, finally under warp!

Yesterday, I put Talyn under warp for the first time. It took me a solid eleven hours to get it done, and we’re talking about a warp I had made a few months ago for something else that didn’t pan out. Scary, isn’t it? I just can’t seem to get the hang of warping. It just eludes me over and over again. What did I do? I managed to tangle it again. I don’t get it either.

Let me just say, though, that sleying the reed was an actual joy, and so was threading the heddles. I kid you not. Y0u see, Talyn’s beater is just as removable as the shafts! There are six posts, three on each side, spaced equally, for putting the beater in different spots. The beater can be up close to the cloth beam, which is where I had it for sleying, or it can be in the middle or close to the heddles. Just lift it out and place it where you want it. Nice touch!

The heddles, I love! Northwest used insert eye heddles, which have a large, round eye for threading. I can actually turn the threading hook in the eye, something I can’t do with Zoe’s heddles, which are of the twisted wire variety.

Warping Talyn was a completely different experience than warping Zoe, despite the fact that they’re both table looms. Talyn is a touch smaller and a good bit lighter than Zoe. His heddles also move much more freely than Zoe’s do, which I suspect is due more to Zoe’s advanced age than anything else. It might be time to replace all of Zoe’s heddles, and take a good look at her shafts and reed as well.

Small shed!

Weaving was also completely different between the two. Talyn is going to take some getting used to. A lot of getting used to. His shed is very small, for one thing. A regular boat shuttle is not going through there. Northwest included a quill shuttle with the order, and it’s much smaller than a boat shuttle is, height-wise.

Another big difference is in the treadles. On Zoe, when you push down on a lever and don’t touch any of the others, they automatically snap up. For example, you push down any two levers, and you have two shafts up, and two shafts down.Push three levers, you have one up and three down. Not so with Talyn. Each treadle works independently, so when you are done with the shaft, you have to physically put that shaft back in place if you aren’t using it again. Otherwise, you pull down the treadles for the shafts you are working with, and the ones you previously used are still down, and will stay there until you move them. Having grown so used to Zoe, I can’t help but feel that’s odd.

So there are definite differences between the two. This is not a bad thing. Wasn’t I just saying that differences put the spice in life?

Talyn, on the left, and Zoe!

Did I forget to mention that Talyn is finally off the floor, and Zoe is off the dresser? Yes, I finally bought a folding table at Lowe’s that looked pretty sturdy, and holds both of them easily. It’s actually kind of funny to see them sitting side by side; you can really see the difference in sizes! Talyn is dwarfed by Zoe!


2 comments on “Talyn

  1. is there a site to show how to warp and use the NORTHWEST INKLE LOOM i found one that is kind of similar to the one you unboxed in your blog



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