Mirrix 16" Big Sister tapestry loom, now known as Kaylee

did forget to name somebody!!! The Mirrix 16″ Big Sister tapestry loom arrived yesterday…how did I forget her? She needs a name, so I guess she’ll be Kaylee. That would be the last of the Firefly/Serenity women. Now everyone has a name!

I’ve never done tapestry weaving before. Gee, what a surprise, like I’ve done anything more complicated than a potholder before Zoe came along. Anyway, I already had a book about tapestry in my library, and have ordered one or two more, so I’m reading up on it now. It’s amusing to me how much more likely I am to study when it’s a subject that interests me. Hand me a math book or a general science book, and you need a crane to get me anywhere near it. Hand me animal science, beading, weaving books, and I’m there with bells on, on my own power.

So: tapestry weaving. I started reading the book last night. Thus far, I have learned that it is done in plain weave, and that each color section is done individually, so you aren’t going to be weaving across from selvedge to selvedge unless the color you’re using goes that way. I’m intrigued, and have to read more.

There is a downside to fulfilling almost my entire wish list all at once: I want to try everything right now, which doesn’t work if you actually want to be good at any of them. You have to spend time on each thing, not just fifteen minutes here, five minutes there. It’s hard, because all this new stuff is staring at me saying “Come on, just a little while…” So I’m forcing myself to stick with one thing at a time, and right now it’s spinning.

I’m having a lot of trouble with the spinning. Of course, I’ve only been at it one day, so that might have something to do with it. I called one of my guild mates for help, and I’ll be bringing Anansi to the guild meeting next week and begging for more help if I don’t figure this out. I said something to the effect of not being able to do this, or  something like it, and she gave me a huge compliment! She said that based upon what she’s seen me produce in weaving so far, she thinks I have a gift for it, and I will get the spinning. Wow. That felt really good, to have an experienced weaver/spinner tell me I was gifted in it! I thought I was pretty average! It certainly inspires me to work even harder at learning everything!


6 comments on “Oops!

  1. The best advice I was ever given was practice until you get frustrated and then walk away. Maximum of 30 minutes a set. the reason is that spinning uses muscle memory as well as thought and you need that looseness that one has from not being frustrated to learn it. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do three 30 minute sessions per day. There will come a day when you can go for a long time while watching tv.


  2. Congratulations on Kaylee! We can’t wait to see what you make! -Elena from Mirrix Looms


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