Pins and needles

Yes, I’m on pins and needles here, waiting for UPS to get here with Anansi, which probably won’t happen until this afternoon. Grrr. Arrgh. I’m so excited to finally have a spinning wheel! I received some wool cards from a giveaway at the last guild meeting, and I’ve been dying to give spinning a shot on a wheel. I still don’t understand the spindle, though, so I’ll be bringing both with me to the next guild meeting!

I ordered Anansi and accessories in a mahogany finish, and can’t wait to see it. It looked so pretty in the picture!

The loom I ordered from Mirrix hasn’t shipped yet, nor has the Flip. When I called the Woolery to check on the Flip, they said that they were going to have it drop-shipped directly from Schacht, because they were out, and because Schacht is located right here in Boulder. It didn’t make sense for Schacht to ship it from Colorado to Kentucky, just to have to send it back to Colorado. Which really is logical. Unfortunately, Schacht says that they don’t make the loom until they receive an order for it, so I won’t have it until mid-April. Same goes for Mirrix. And Ampstrike is in Estonia, so even though that order has shipped, it will probably take a couple of weeks to get here too. Sigh. But in the meantime, I can play with Anansi and Talyn. So all is not lost. Although I haven’t found a home for Talyn yet in my studio. He’s still on the floor. I really need a sturdy table for both him and Zoe.

Things have improved a bit on the manic side of BPD since I started with fiber arts. It’s weird, and yet not, because when I’m manic I tend to jump from project to project very rapidly. With all the different types of fiber arts I now have, with projects on almost all of them, the jumping isn’t so bad. I can leave a project indefinitely, and it doesn’t do any  harm, unlike, say, leaving dishes undone to go do laundry, then leaving the wet clothes in the washer to go do yet another thing. So my fiber obsession is helping that aspect of things. The depressive side pretty much remains the same. When I swing that way, the children and the dogs are taken care of, but not much else gets done. And I’m not fond of the drugs that have been prescribed. The doctors have yet to find one that really works for me. This drug makes me a zombie, that one makes me feel like I’m on speed, and the other one makes me suicidal. I wonder if there is something natural I can use. I’m not someone that likes taking man-made chemicals and putting them in my body. I don’t trust pharmaceutical companies. I believe every one of them is out for their financial bottom line and don’t give a damn about the people actually using their product. That may be an overgeneralization, but I tend to doubt it. And I can’t afford to be a zombie, on speed, or suicidal: I have two children in my house whose well-being I’m responsible for, and who I love very much. Most of the time, the girls and the dogs do more to keep me level than any drug ever could anyway, just by being who they all are. They drive me crazy more often than not, but that’s what kids and furkids do. That’s their job, and they’re very good at it!


2 comments on “Pins and needles

  1. I know this is an older post, but I just found you, or you found me. My husband also has BPD, and has been controlling it with Lithium for 25 years. I know not all doctors think it’s still useful, and it’s taken awhile for him to get it dialed in, but as a natural compound, it is better than something that makes you like a zombie.

    I’m glad the fiber arts are helping you too. If nothing else, being able to sit down in front of a project and concentrate on that one item can be helpful. And most of all, have fun!


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