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Wish list 2

Please don’t think I’m bragging, but I am very excited! I have almost completed my wish list! Well, ok, my revised wish list. I am forced to admit that the marudai and takadai have become low priority. They’re still on the list, but I haven’t done much with my Kumihimo lately, being more focused on actual weaving and getting the equipment to learn spinning. We got some money for my birthday, which is tomorrow, and hubby let me go hog wild with it. His reasoning is that birthday money is for doing something fun, and he knows what I find fun is different from his idea of fun. He doesn’t really get it, has no interest in fiber arts at all, and only made me promise that fulfilling my wish list now would be the end of large fiber arts purchases. I agreed. So I ordered a bunch of wooden card weaving cards, shuttles, and pick up sticks from Ampstrike on Etsy (he is in Estonia and does beautiful woodwork), an 8 shaft table loom from Northwest, a Schacht Flip loom with a stand and bag, extra reeds for the Flip and the Cricket, a yarn ball winder, an umbrella swift, and a Kromski Sonata spinning wheel with some accessories. I also picked up the dowels to make a backstrap loom, which intrigues me a bit, and which I’m nervous about trying. Plus, a peg loom made just for me arrived last week too, and it’s gorgeous! I haven’t taken pictures of it yet; those will be next on my agenda! I’ll be very fiber-busy for quite awhile with this haul!

The Northwest Frieda 8 shaft arrived today, and what a beautiful loom! Even with eight shafts, it’s lighter than my 4 shaft Meco, Zoe. It’s all maple, with a clear finish, and the castle is open so that the shafts can be easily removed and put back. It has an 18″ weaving width, the largest that Northwest makes. I only ordered it two days ago, which shows how quickly this company moves! I didn’t expect it here already!

The newest member of the family, Talyn

The levers/treadles are on the right hand side at the bottom, which I really love; that’s less strain on my shoulders. I can’t wait to find a really awesome pattern and set it up! I think it’s going to need more heddles, though. There don’t seem to be very many. On the other hand, I imagine you need fewer heddles to weave across 18″ than you do 22″. So it might very well have enough.

I hadn’t thought ahead as far as names go. I have to name everything. The new peg loom will be Pa’u Zotah Zhan, I think, in keeping with the Farscape theme my peg looms all seem to be with. Zhan had the appearance of a blue-skinned, bald human, but was actually a sentient plant and quite beautiful. Lynette, who made my peg loom, painted purple pansies on it, so calling this peg loom Zhan seems appropriate!

The Northwest Frieda, I think, will be Talyn, since the Northwest inkle is Moya, and in Farscape, Moya and Talyn were mother and son living ships. That leaves the Flip and the Sonata without names. Hmmm. Well, the Cricket rigid heddle is River, so I guess I’ll go back to Firefly on that one and name the Flip Inara. With the Sonata wheel, it’s time to change themes, I think. Maybe Celtic goddesses? Greek ones? Native Americans? Oh, wait, I’ve got it! Anansi! The only spider I’ve ever liked. I grew up on stories of Anansi the Spider. They’re African stories, if you don’t already know that. Spiders spin, and that’s what the Sonata does, so that’s appropriate. I don’t know if Anansi was considered a god or not, but it works for me. Now everyone is named, and I’m happy.


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