And the fiber obsession continues…

I got Moya all warped up the night before last. All the heddles went on first, of course, and the ones not in use are bound in a rubber band off to the side.

I';ve been playing a bit

I used up some embroidery floss on the warp, because it’s been with me for years, and I haven’t cross-stitched in about five years. I did buy some new floss with Moya in mind, but I’m not touching it until I’ve practiced some more!

I have to say, I love Moya. Yeah, I know, I’m in love with all my looms, but other than Aeryn and Chiana, Moya is one of the easiest to warp. Aeryn and Chiana are ridiculously simple to warp: measure and cut the warp threads, insert each thread into the warp hole of a peg, center the peg on the thread, seat in base. It’s neither enjoyable, nor boring. It just is. Moya has a more complex warp, but it’s by no means difficult, and I actually enjoyed warping her.

I call the warp the “just for experimentation” warp. Just a bunch of flosses that weren’t doing anything but gathering dust, so I gave them a purpose. I needed to practice warping, wanted to try warp-faced weaving, and have been anxiously awaiting an inkle since November. It’s not a huge warp. It’s fairly short, as warps go, and also not very wide, only eighteen threads wide, but it’s enough to play on. It’s definitely different than weaving on Zoe or River, but no less fun. They all have such different setups. Zoe is a multi-shaft loom, River is a rigid heddle loom, Aeryn and Chiana are peg looms, and Moya is an inkle/card weaving loom. All completely different ways of weaving, but you can make beautiful things on all of them.

After warping her, I was playing with pick-up weave on Moya, following PDF instructions I found online, and I don’t think I was really getting the hang of it, but I’m going to keep trying anyway, although I should probably keep practicing plain weave until I’ve got it right. My selvedges are all still horrible, on all but the peg looms, and that’s because the fabric coming off of those don’t really have edges, per se. The warp is completely enclosed by the weft and invisible except for fringe. I’ve got a lot of practicing to do!

Oh! Aneira got her report card yesterday, and I am happy and proud to report that her grades have improved significantly. I know this not because of the grades themselves, but the comments made by the teachers in each section. The grades have changed a bit since I was a kid. No As, Bs, Cs, or Ds on this report card, and not much of a legend to tell you what each thing specifically means. If not for the comments, I wouldn’t have had a clue what I was really looking at! Gonna have to make an appointment with the teacher to get the explanation!

Detail of play-band

When we first moved here, getting this kid to do her work at all was the next thing to impossible. Everything was a battle. But apparently her behavior at school has taken a dramatic turn for the better! Her test scores have improved, she’s reading and writing better, spelling better…oddly enough, we share the same weak points: math and science. I didn’t do well in either of those classes without a lot of work, and because I didn’t understand it, I hated it. Not much has changed. Right now, I can help her with her very basic math homework, right up through division. Once she starts with the more complicated stuff, though, that’s hubby’s area! He’s good at those subjects. He just gets it! Makes me a little jealous actually!!


2 comments on “And the fiber obsession continues…

  1. I am betting that you can use your cards on this loom as well. There is enough space underneath to accomodate the cards. I’m teaching a class in February but it is in Denver. It would be a long drive and at night. I use the book you have. I practiced for about a year using it as an inkle before discovering cards. Have lots of fun.


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