Loom woes and guilds

I have finally given up on ever getting my inkle loom from Wasatch Fiber Arts, or the card-weaving loom she also promised me.  I lost my patience with the whole ordeal and sent an email asking for my money back.

This is a long ordeal that began November 11, when I ordered an inkle loom from WFA on eBay. The loom was slated to arrive in late November.  I contacted her when it didn’t arrive, and she said it was ready to go, she was just waiting for the stain to dry, and it would be shipped that Wednesday. I waited a week, then sent another email. Her response was that it shipped that Saturday (after the Wednesday that it was supposed to have shipped). Well, okay…I waited another week and contacted her again, because clicking on the tracking number told me that the number existed, but nothing had been received yet by the post office. She said it really had shipped, and the post office was lax in updating the tracking information. She would check on it herself and get back to me. I waited two days. Nothing. Another email, another excuse. This time she had been ill in the hospital for ten days. Yet I’d had email contact with her only eight days before, and this hospital stay was neither mentioned nor used as an explanation for the delay. She was sorry, she said, and would send out a replacement, because the first one must have gotten lost in the mail.

Finally, clicking on the tracking number gave me information! It said that the USPS had finally received the package to be sent to me…on December 13th, a couple of weeks after it was already supposed to have been here. I thought at first that it was the replacement loom…until I realized it had the same tracking number as the one supposedly lost in the mail! I blew it off though. The important thing was that the order was being fulfilled. Then it got here. Broken. Another email, this one now bordering on irate. Another apology, and another promise of a replacement. Apparently, she had forgotten that she’d already promised to send a replacement once before, and had never sent it. This time she also promised to throw in a card weaving loom, free of charge, because of all the problems. We were then just a few days before Christmas, so we’d been at it for a month and a half. Like an idiot, once again I agreed. By this point, I had found her actual website and the phone number in the “contact us” section, and had started calling, because two emails had been ignored. We were by now nearly to New Year’s. She asked me to send pictures of the loom I had received. Within 24 hours they were sent, followed by a call to make sure she got them. Yes, she said, she got the pictures and she was so very sorry, but this loom was a prototype used for measurements and should never have been sent out. The new loom was ready, the stain was drying (déjà vu, anyone?), it would be going out the next day, and she would send me the tracking number. This was January 2, I think.  Two more days passed, no sign of a tracking number. Another call, message left. Then a message on my voicemail on the fourth, again promising a tracking number as soon as she got home that night. That was the 4th. Today is the 6th, and still nothing. So I lost my patience. I sent her a message through eBay:

“Dear wasatchweaving,
I am very sorry it has come to this, but if my order has not already been shipped, at this point I would prefer my money back, and I will advise eBay of this as well. This has gone well into the realm of the ridiculous. First, the first loom sent to me wasn’t shipped because you were ill, and then it was “lost in the mail”. I accepted this, though the tracking number on it states that it was not even shipped until December 13, several WEEKS after it was slated to have arrived. You promised a replacement loom at that time. I agreed, and that one was apparently never sent. Instead, the first loom arrived in horrible condition. When I contacted you again, you again promised a replacement loom, and promised to include the card weaving loom as compensation for this entire ordeal at no charge. Again, I agreed, because I would prefer to believe better of people than I am being shown. You asked for pictures of the loom I had received, which you received within 24 hours, along with a call to make sure you had gotten them. You said you had, informed me that the loom was a prototype that should never have been sent, the new loom was ready, and you would send me a tracking number that night. You repeated the promise of a tracking number three days later in a voicemail on my phone. It has been another two days since then and I still have no tracking number, no loom(s), and you have long since been paid. I have done what was asked of me and refrained from giving negative feedback, but this is enough. I think I have been more than patient in this matter, and I think it is time I got my money back and took my business elsewhere. I am sorry. You make beautiful things at reasonable prices, but I would rather pay more money and know that I am actually going to receive what I paid for in a timely manner from someone else. Please refund my money, and know that I will not be purchasing from you again.”

Then I called eBay itself, and they have now sent her an email.

I don’t enjoy being bitchy. I also don’t enjoy when someone treats me like dirt, especially when I’m paying for the privilege. I was sweet as sugar throughout. I was patient. I was understanding. Life isn’t perfect, and obstacles are going to crop up. But my radar should have blipped when I saw a customer feedback stating that delivery was slow because “the owner was sick”!  Okay, really?  So, until I get my money back and make up the difference, I won’t have an inkle loom.

Long story, huh? You should see it from my end! On the plus side, though,  I joined the Front Range Fiber Artisans guild last night.  There was a guild meeting last night, and hubby agreed to stay home with the kids so I could go. I’d been really chewing my lip about joining a guild. After all, I’m a complete novice, so I really don’t have anything to contribute. As the saying goes, I know just enough to be dangerous! But a fellow Raveler I’d been talking to online had convinced me not only to go to the meeting, but to join, so I did. My annual dues are all paid up, and I would be a card-carrying member… if we had cards! Everyone was welcoming, which was nice, and the speaker was talking beads, which, of course, were my first passion, and continue to be one of my favorite toys. Unfortunately, she was speaking about beading on fabric, which doesn’t actually hold any interest for me, although her work was beautiful. For me, beading and fabric are two separate and distinct things. They don’t overlap for me, because to put the one on the other involves sewing. Have I mentioned that my sewing machine is back in its box in the closet? But my fellow Raveler turned out to be really cool, with an awesome sense of humor, which is always important. I went home with her, met her mom and her Schnauzers, and sighed with yearning over her yarn stash and spinning wheel. She does woodwork too, which is seriously cool, especially as I have no skill in that area at all. I’m hoping we become good friends. I’ve missed having close friends around! Hubby is great, but he’s a guy, and has less than zero interest in fiber arts!


2 comments on “Loom woes and guilds

  1. Sorry for your disappointment. I hope you find something else.


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