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Learning something new

It seems an appropriate time to learn something new, with the new year rolling in at midnight tonight. Although technically, what I learned was yesterday. But since I’m posting about it today, it still counts! 🙂

I started really reading my book on inkle weaving, and I learned that inkle looms have heddles, something I didn’t know before. Most of the pictures I’ve seen of a warped inkle were so small that you couldn’t see the heddles, or at the very least, I didn’t notice them because I was more interested in the emerging pattern on the warp. Other pictures showed the loom being used for card weaving, in which case I suppose you could say the cards themselves are the heddles. So I learned that. I also learned that you make heddles for it. That was interesting. And I learned that making them is a royal pain, especially  as with two kids in the house, interruptions are legion. They are easy enough to make, following the directions in the book, just time consuming. The book directed me to make forty-one heddles, which I thought was a rather odd number, and when I asked about it on Ravelry, I was told that the number of heddles depends on the width of the weaving, which made sense to me, so I increased the amount to a nice, round number of fifty. I might make more later, but fifty seems like a good number for now. I don’t really see myself making any bands larger than that, but on the off chance that I’m wrong, there’s one more untied heddle left for me to use as a measure for cutting more.

A really good inkle weaving book!

The replacement inkle still hasn’t arrived, although the seller tells me she will be emailing me the tracking number today. I’m trying out Gorilla Glue on the broken one, just to see if maybe I can fix it. I’m doubting it, but at least it’s worth a try.
I have also learned that having both my daughters home for nearly three weeks straight is about eighteen days too long for me. The constant fighting is taking its toll. Hubby has been pissy with me the last couple of days because I completely lost my patience with Aneira’s middle-of-the-night temper tantrums and gave her a thorough tongue-lashing, then snarled at him when he tried to intervene. When he called me on it later, I apologized, as I hadn’t really meant to snap at him, but he continued on about it for awhile, and I kept apologizing, then finally said I didn’t want to discuss it all night long. That was when he got angry with me. That was the night before last, and he’s still snarling at me. I’m trying to be the bigger person and ignore it, but it’s not that easy. For one thing, I’m an Aries, which means I’m quick-tempered to begin with. So I’m staying out of his way for the next little while. One of the best things about this new house is that we have the ability to do that. Everyone has their own space they can go to to  get away from their current irritant. Unfortunately, mine does not at present have a lock!

Fifty heddles don't take up much room!

The snow is finally giving way. I can finally see the asphalt of our street again, which means that soon Aneira will be able to ride her new bike. And there are only five more days before school starts again and I will have peace in the house. All I have to do is muddle through. I can do that, can’t I?

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