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More tools, Ravelry, and organization (or lack thereof)

Yarn gauge

I got my order from Brush Creek Wool Works a couple days ago. It was a small order because money is tight right now, but I managed to get a lovely little oak yarn gauge, a cherrywood pick-up stick, and a package of 50 cards for card weaving. I had to put the yarn gauge on a placemat to take a picture of it, because it got lost in the grain of my desk! The wood on both of them is so beautiful. I love wood, the more grain, the better.

 I started a group on Ravelry for weavers and spinners owned by Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, or other Northern breed dogs. So far I have seven members. Ironically, so far I’m the only one with a Sibe! Go figure. I hope others join, but so far it isn’t looking good for that. I’m going to give it a little time and see where it goes.
I really do need to organize this room better. The boxes, for the most part, are gone. The few remaining ones are tucked away out of sight in the closet. My husband says part of my problem is that I never let go of anything, which is partially true. Unless something is clearly junk, I don’t like to throw it away. Mainly because invariably,  I will need the item the day after the garbage collector picks it up. It happens Every. Single. Time. It can’t be only me. You’ve got something you haven’t touched in years. It’s been sitting in a box gathering dust, and you have forgotten you even own this item, much less where you put it last. You decide, one day, to give your house a thorough cleaning and you come across this thing. A light goes on in your brain. You now remember when and where you bought it, but you can’t, for the life of you, remember why. You’ve never used it, although you had good intentions when you bought it. Clearly, however, whatever it was meant for, you must have found a different solution, because this one is still in a bag. It follows, then, that you do not need it. And you’re cleaning after all, right? Out it goes.
Two days later, you are frantically looking for this item…you know you just saw it the other…gorram it! You have just remembered that you threw the stupid thing out just the other day. And now you need it. So you traipse out to the store to buy another one. Which you will again forget about ten seconds after it leaves your hand!
Oh! The inkle loom got here the other day too…broken. I sent an email to the seller, and she promises to replace it. I won’t post any feedback for her until the new one arrives. I was so upset. We had gone yard-saling that day, the whole family, and when we got back the box was on the front steps waiting for me. I even managed not to immediately open it so that we could get my new shelving unit into my studio, the awesome dishes I had come across, the clothes I got for Aneira, the toys and cloth books for Bryony, and the tools for hubby. Yes, it was a good day for yard sales! Not so much for the inkle, though, obviously.

Cherry wood pick-up stick

So, the inkle loom won’t make it here in time for Chirstmas. Oh, well. But I’m excited about finally getting the studio completely organized. We have a plan now. Most of the boxes in the studio closet are kitchen items, such as my breadmaker, that I have no cabinet space for. Eventually, the plan is to build an island in the kitchen for those things, but for now, hubby wants to put one of those chromed wire shelving units in the laundry room for them, which frees up my studio closet to put a couple of bookshelves inside for my remaining books, and then a table in the corner of the studio for Zoe, and there will still be enough room for a futon in the studio in case we get company! Voila! Organization and the end of all boxes!


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