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Warping and Christmas stuff

I tried to use the warping board again last night, this time following the photo tutorial made by a fellow Raveler. It went a bit better than the last one, but is still not perfect. As of this particular moment, I can say (with some emphasis!) that I officially do not like warping the loom. I don’t dislike it enough to quit weaving, though, and it may be that as I get better at it I’ll start to enjoy it. If I ever get better at it. Right now, the outcome looks bleak, as far as that goes. I still managed to tangle the warp a bit as I wound it up on the beam, which means that even though the threads are in the right places on my side of the heddle, they aren’t on the back side, so when the shed is opened, there are threads that should be in either the up or down position but are instead floating in the middle, which is aggravating. 

Still, it could be worse. The previous warp, a nice, 3 yard long one, was such a mess that I finally just cut the gorram thing off. I saved the warp threads though. I might find another use for them later.

Among the yarns I got from Craigslist, there is a cone of a very pretty dark red or burgundy shot with silver. Before cutting off said last disastrous warp, I decided to experiment with this yarn. As yet, I only have the 8 dent reed that came with River. There are several others available, but they will have to wait until next month. So my warp threads were 8 WPI worsted weight acrylic baby yarn, the stuff  carried at WalMart. This red/silver has no labels on it, but I can say it is a 30 WPI yarn. It’s so thin you could almost call it thread. In my experiment, I used it as weft. The experiment did not go well, which really wasn’t unexpected. This stuff simply could not be beaten enough to slide on the warp threads to lie side by side. I did several rows in hope of improvement, but no.  I had a better chance of breaking the warp or the reed than I had of pushing the weft threads together. That ended that, but I learned something new.

My mother always told me I was hardheaded, and to an extent, she was right. I am. I probably could have asked a more experienced weaver about it and been told that it wouldn’t work, but I know myself well enough to know that even if I had been told, I would have tried it anyway, just to prove it to myself. And now I have, the experiment is over, and won’t be repeated.

The rest of today will be dedicated to actually doing my own laundry, which has piled up in the extreme, and to the logistics of how to hang Christmas lights around my front windows on the inside so they can be seen on the outside. Our tree has been up since the very beginning of December, and Aneira did most of the decorating, with Bryony’s “help”. Hubby isn’t fond of Christmas, but tolerates it because the rest of us love it, so the responsibility for figuring out the lights is entirely mine. He suggested pins, or tape, but I really don’t want tape residue all over the windows, or tiny holes everywhere. I may not have a choice, though. Or, I could leave well enough alone and just have the tree and stockings this year. We spent so much money on buying the house and moving–and all the problems that came with the house–that we were lucky to be able to buy the kids presents this year! So we bought the cheapest tree we could, with the intent of buying a bigger, better one next year, and covered the girls’ presents. Hubby and I get one gift each, which is perfectly all right with me!


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