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River is warped, and yarn

I made the realization a few seconds ago that there actually are people out there in the world who might be reading this and have never heard of the Firefly ‘verse, and therefore the irony of the first part of this title is lost on them. For those people, I direct you here, so you will at least have some idea what I’m talking about!

I am so excited! River is warped! Yeah, yeah, in more ways than one…but I followed the instructions that came with her and managed to warp her for the accompanying scarf project. It wasn’t hard, but it would have been easier had I not been using yarn that I had left over from crocheting baby blankets. It was one of those one pound skeins of baby acrylic, and it is tangled. So putting the warp on was ten times harder than it had to be because I was untangling yarn as I went along.

My first warp!

I made some mistakes as I was warping, above and beyond the tangled yarn. I was following the instructions for the scarf pattern, which tells you to warp 2 ends of color one, then 8 ends of color two, repeat four times, and finish with 2 ends of color one, for a total of 32 ends of color two and 10 ends of color one. For some reason, what got stuck in my head was the total number of ends, not the pattern they were supposed to be warped in. By the time I realized it, I had all 32 ends of color two on the warping peg, and only then had started on color one. Whoops! So I had to take it all off and redo it.

I learned some things while doing this. One, I think I will try the warping board next time. A warping peg is nice, but it’s only clamped in place, which means it can come off, something I discovered last night. Probably not the clamp’s fault, but the board seems like it would be more stable all the way around. Two, warping isn’t as horrific as I expected, and it actually helped me to focus and relax. Three, I don’t like stick shuttles. I have to see if I can find a smaller boat shuttle than the one I presently have, which is too big for River. Her shed just doesn’t get wide enough for my current boat shuttle. I managed with the stick shuttle last night, and now there is actual fabric on my loom!!! I was actually weaving  last night!

Scarf, with color substitutions

I haven’t touched River yet this morning. It was really hard not to. It was really hard not to stay up all night weaving, too, but Aneira had school this morning, and a field trip to see the Nutcracker. Not for anything was I going to have her miss that, so I very reluctantly went to bed at two-thirty. Today, I decided that I had to untangle the rest of that skein of yarn before I got lost in weaving again. I’m taking a break from it right now. Normally, I’m pretty good with untangling knots, but this skein is a gorram cluster-frell of epic proportions. Epic. And I am doing this by hand. I now see why a swift and a ball winder are desirable items, and they have both just made it onto my wish list, along with a spinning wheel and carding tools. I don’t know when I’ll ever be able to afford any of  these items, even used, but they’ll stay on my wish list until I save up enough, because this is a rutting mess!

Well, I suppose I should get back to untangling the rest of this yarn. At least I managed to completely finish the housework yesterday, so I’m free to do this today!

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