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Pros and cons

There are definite pros and cons to having moved back to a colder climate. I think there are more pros, but I know there are some who will think I’m completely mad. To those people, I can only say no, I’m bipolar. Madness is something else a lot more sinister.

Back to the pros and cons. Among the pros is the ability to pitch snowballs at my kids. That’s a big one. Also the possibility of building snowmen. You can’t do either of those things in southern Arizona.

Fall. Fall is a huge plus to the pros column. You would not believe how much I missed oaks, elms, and maples. The mesquites and palo verdes in Arizona neither grow as big (they’re more like extremely oversized bushes), nor do they change colors. 

Christmas. Singing “White Christmas” while wearing shorts is just wrong, on a fundamental level. Even without the singing, shorts in the winter is wrong. It’s wonderful the first year or two, but after that, meh.

Ice. This sounds like a strange pro, I know, but if you’d seen the Springs as I did a couple of days ago, you’d understand. It was icy cold outside, and every tree had frozen overnight. And there are a lot of trees in the Springs. I drove over the top of a hill, and i could see the whole city below me for miles, and every tree was silver-white and glittering in the sun. Yeah, at that point, ice joined the pro column.

Seeing my daughter’s awe and wonder when it snows. Every time, she is glued to the window, watching the white stuff drift down. It’s new to her every time. And I have to admit, I like watching it fall too.

Warming up your car is a con, at least in my case. Serenity requires a half hour of warming up before the engine registers a high enough temperature to drive.

Ice. Yeah, you’re thinking, didn’t she just say that was a pro? This is one that goes in both columns. It’s beautiful on frozen trees, not so beautiful to drive and walk on.

I’m trying to be fair here, but I’m really struggling with the list of cons. I’m just not seeing many. Maybe it’s just that I haven’t been here long enough yet, I don’t know. I spent more than half my life so far in New York, and I had a long list of complaints when I left there, and it took leaving home to realize that it wasn’t as bad as I thought at the time. I started missing New York almost immediately after getting to Arizona. I haven’t felt that way here, despite all the problems we had moving into the house. But I’ll try to keep an open, honest mind about it!


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