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The title pretty much says it all. We had company for dinner last night, so I had a bit of cooking to do, but I also had an appointment to have my truck tuned up, and I had a class scheduled for Wednesday to learn something about weaving…like, how to warp my loom! And everything got turned upside down. 

I didn’t  realize the appointment for my truck, Serenity, wasn’t until one o’clock, so first thing in the morning I hauled the kids with me to the grocery store to buy last minute ingredients for dinner. It was freezing outside, which is something my Arizona-born kids had never experienced before, and windy. But Bryony wouldn’t keep her hood on, or her mittens.  Frustrating.

So I grabbed what I needed and shot back home thinking I had to drop Serenity off at the shop right away. I put away the perishables, left the girls with hubby, and headed over to the shop, one block over. Where, of course, I discovered how early I actually was. Thankfully, though, they were able to get me in that early and I went back home to get started on dinner. Yes, it was only nine, but pot roast in a crockpot takes forever. 

From there it was time to clean…no time for crafts! There wasn’t a ton of cleaning to do, but one of the newly-discovered issues with the new house is the carpet. Rather, it is the color of the carpet. It is cream, and we have four big dogs who use the backyard and track in a ton of dirt when it is damp. Naturally, after snow, the ground is, of course, damp. So it is now necessary to funnel the dogs through the laundry room and clean paws every time they come in. None of us is fond of this, but Mac, especially, has a deep-seated aversion to it. The other three will tolerate the practice, with much disgust, but with Mac, tackling is required before he makes it to the carpet and the sofa. He is also the one who lies down in said damp dirt, so the job of cleaning him up takes twice as long. And there is no easy way to hold him still, as he no longer has a collar, because he has somehow managed to chew through it. This is the second collar he has murdered recently. I managed to find his tags, but I am going to be forced to find another way to keep them on him. He also chewed through his harness, which was my other solution. I don’t want to put any of my dogs in chain collars in case they get hung up on something, so I’m going to have to be creative. I haven’t come up with anything yet though. 

While all of this is going on, the shop calls. The tuneup, which consists of changing the spark plugs and ignition coils only, and still manages to cost $250, which pissed me off to begin with, has now doubled in price. Spark plug wires now cost $170, and are apparently needed but aren’t included in a regular tuneup. Also not included but now needed are three new belts, to the tune of $150. But they were prepared to use every coupon they had to offset the cost, so in the end, with discounts, the whole thing cost $516. Unbelievable. For a tuneup. This is the downside of newer vehicles. For my old Malibu, I could go to the auto supply store and buy belts, air filter, spark plugs, wires, and oil for less than $100, and put them all in myself. No longer.

This turn of events, which we had no choice but to agree to, since it is Serenity that the kids are always in, took every dime we had left after bills. We have some money put aside for emergencies, but a weaving class does not constitute an emergency. Thankfully, my teacher understood and we have put it off till next month. 

Dinner came off well, though! Pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, and crescent rolls. Hubby is skinny as a rail and incredibly difficult to cook for, but even he went back for seconds, so I know it was done right. And the carpet is clean, and my kids are safe in my car. The cost might piss me off, but it’s lower than what the cost could be if I didn’t do it. I do adore my kids, even when they drive me insane.


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